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Bond Arms Derringers - Fun Toys Or Serious Backups


If you try to shoot one of those in 44mag, you better have a gorilla grip and use both hands. I watched a friend who was a firearms instructor and very powerfully built shoot one. After shooting both barrels, he said - that’s going in the safe and I am never shooting it again. I have seen video of someone trying to shoot the 44mag one handed and watched the gun go flying across the room. Good thing they only have two rounds because after firing them you would likely have great difficulty reloading it considering the injury to your hands.


To be sure, in any serious caliber these are not guns you’ll want to pump a box of rounds through. That said, with a work glove, I have. If you want 44 mag for animal protection or whatever, get it, but you may want an extra 9mm barrel for recreational stuff


ive beat, machined, welded, and shaped steel for years, if its going to hurt my hands, it would have to get in line.LOL. normal work week for me is retracking a D9, or trackhoe, or changing cutter head bearings on a dredge boom, while waterborne. fill in the gaps with everything else.
But i understand what your saying.:+1: thats why im thinging about a larger grip. if i can lock my hand on it, it wont move…


LoL! A man’s man speaks! Bond makes a more tactical version with a more meaty grip, you could check that out


Hey John … If I understand your posts correctly, this would be your primary carry weapon? Can’t recommend it as a primary. Def has a role as a stash gun, backup, hidden gun … It is a bit heavy for it’s size, as it’s overbuilt. As mentioned thou, it would be my first choice to have in case of car jacking. With that shot shell, if you do your part, you won’t have to pull the trigger twice



Thanks for the additional info.

The BA derringer would fill a backup role, mostly. However, am considering it as an anti-car-jacking gun, too - possibly first line of defense for that.

I have and like the Ruger LCP II, and have the 7-shot mags for it. I shoot it pretty well at the range, but not sure how well I would shoot it in an actual defense situation. I consider the LCP a backup gun (too). Perhaps I could have 2 backup guns (for a total of 3 guns) in a car?

The person with the .44 mag derringer - they would do well to switch to .44 special for the derringer. .44 special is no slouch for defense and it would be much more controllable than the magnum.



Yeah, .44 mag would be nuts to shoot in a derringer, especially given how little gripping surface you have on those things. As mentioned in my reply above, your friend would do well to switch to the .44 special for defense using the BA derringer.

My first derringer was similar in quality to the Bond Arms derringers (it was an American Derringer made in Waco, TX). The gun only weighed 16 ounces and was chambered for .45 colt / .410. The first time I fired it I was in a huge, hilly field on my cousins’ farm. The gun went flying at least 10 yards behind me. I eventually sold that gun and moved to the Bond Arms derringers (same calibers). With about a half pound more weight, plus a trigger guard (the American Derringer did not have a trigger guard), I have been able to easily hold onto it every time.



You have hit on what I consider one of the major weaknesses of Bond Arms derringers (perhaps all derringers) - and that is the lack of gripping surface. For the Snake Slayer IV, the grip is supposedly extended, but is still too short by my thinking. It takes (me) a bit of practice to reasonably handle the gun - especially since I have to move my hand down some to cock the hammer back for firing. With the grip being mostly wood, it does not offer the great and firm hold I enjoy on some of my handguns. This makes shooting it for defense a bit unpredictable as to whether I will actually hit my target.


Check out this grip option, fits all Bond derringers https://www.bondarms.com/shop/grips/bond-arms-extended-rubber-grip/

Can shoot 3" 410s all day with this


If I had lots of money just laying around, I think I might have to buy one of these. And given @Johnksg’s affection for Green guns we better not tell him about it either.


Wow, the “Z Slayer!” Complete with Zombie blood splatter even! Well, can’t say Bond Arms is blind to the trends! Wonder if they’ll do a product placement with The Walking Dead?


@PattonWasRight That definitely is NOT a concealed carry piece. It’s one you show off and tell elaborate lies about.



Thank you very much for the link to the rubber extended grips.

Looks like I am going to be (at least) $59 poorer in the near future.



Wow! That thing looks vicious!

In a defense situation, I am thinking the blood splatter design might be enough to scare off an attacker. If not, then that attacker may just end up adding to the design’s looks.


The comments about the short grip are spot on. JoeFridaySays has it right about the extended grip; that’s the way to go – it gives your little finger someplace to be & adds to the feeling of control. Mine has a very nice extended wood grip and I find it to be quite adequate.
Primary defense? Probably not, but for initial defense it may be ideal in a car-jacking or similar close encounter situation. Using either the .45 ACP or the 3" .410 (with 5 00 buckshots) can be persuasive. Some years ago I was pleased to participate in the final testing (fit, function, and appearance checks) over a 2-3 year span and became very accustomed to what ended up being very manageable recoil, although I must admit a .44 mag was never in the mix.

In short: Well built and reliable, I do recommend the Bond Arms derringer so long as they suit your fancy.



Thanks for the great feedback.


Looks like the consensus (thus far) is that yes, they can (should?) be used for defense backups - emphasis on backups (not primary weapons of choice, except for maybe car jacking defense).


Just put the 44mag one on layaway… couldn’t stand it any longer…


Here is a decent review: https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/01/foghorn/gun-review-bond-arms-backup/

For something between my primary Glock 43 and edged weapon (which I suck using), makes sense to me. Probably good in pocket or ankle holster. Thanks for sharing. Another gun on my buy list. Scott



I hope you are not planning on firing .44 mags out of it - talk about OUCH!

But, for .44 specials, should be a great pocket gun.

Good luck either way.



I have pocket carried the Snake Slayer IV - best to be done in a pocket carry holster. It worked, but not for long distances. Great way to tear a hole in the pocket over time!

IMHO - Basically, getting the right derringer for your planned use, plus right ammo, plus right holster - make(s) the difference between annoying carry item versus potentially very useful.