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Bond Arms Derringers - Fun Toys Or Serious Backups


Bond Arms makes a series of derringers, some of which come in the more popular defense calibers (9 mm, .40 S&W, .357 Mag, .45 ACP, etc). Do you consider these just range toys (or similar) or serious (backup) concealable carry guns?



I don’t know… The ‘older’ that I become, the longer to heal? The smaller, the more concealable, but the ‘bigger,’ the less fun to shoot? Bigger ‘bangs’ will always be more appealing? Big smiles!



So, .45 acp, or .45 colt, or .410 (out of a derringer) - not enough “bang” for it to be fun?

What about using it for defense?


@JohnB Those calibers are definitely ‘enough’ heat for self-defense, especially at ‘close quarters?’ I shot a Ruger 357 4" a few months ago and 50 rounds were all the ‘fun’ that I could take. When a run 100 out of my Custom Glock 17, it seems more comfortable. I am also using a Strike Force compensator set up. I have just noticed ‘more’ pain afterwards! That is not a bonus with age??? Lol.



Thanks for the feedback, but still not sure which way you would go in determining whether Bond Arms derringers are good for defense, or not. Have you ever fired one? They can be fun to shoot, but I have found that they are somewhat challenging to shoot accurately more than a few yards away.



I have read quite a bit about them but never had the privilege. From your statement, it sounds that the Bonds Arms Derringers are not your fit. Even people that are similar in height and weight don’t have the same fitment… One just knows when they pick up a gun? Sometimes a shape in the hand wont hit a pressure point right? Even that, can be a difference in age? Did you ever read a book at a certain point in your life and then pick it up again and find that you had read something totally different?



I don’t like the too short grip on the Bond Arms derringers - too small for me to get a good grip on. But, I love the simplicity, potential power, and reliability (assuming you pull the trigger correctly). The recoil varies from modest to hold onto your hat!

Frankly, the 2-shot limit does bother me, but those 2 shots can be devastating (using right caliber and ammo, plus shot placement). So, I wonder - thus this thread.

The only time I will worry about age versus suitability is when I can’t shoot them accurately without severely impacting me in the process.



Good point about the age vs impact! Big smiles! On size vs grip one would have to think about the ‘unobvious.’ How will the confrontation occur? I would want to be able to maintain a ‘grip’ when needed. I trained martial arts for years and one cannot ‘foresee’ a need until it arises. I have trained for years ‘praying’ to never have a need! Should the ‘need’ occur, then one would never have to ‘wish…’ IF ONLY? It is a catch 22, my friend? I hope this can help in your reasoning? I think we ‘all’ depend on others too much and tend to question our own reasoning at times?


I like the Bond derringer for close in defense.
The “Bond” brand I think is Well built for that purpose.


Of the various manufacturers out there that offer derringers, Bond is probably one of the best quality available. I have had several Cobra derringers, versions in 38 spec and 22 mag. Both had terrible triggers, so bad it was almost impossible to achieve any level of accuracy with them. Neither was comfortable to shoot. The way they fit my hand, they were actually painful to shoot. They got traded off for other guns. The Bond I’m sure is much better. Derringers can be effective for self defense, given they are chambered in an acceptable caliber. But are what I would consider a “last ditch effort”, not a primary weapon.



That is what I had heard… Also some good write ups! Based on the 'hard facts, ’ if I were in the market, I would have me a Bond… It is also very cool looking. At ‘close range,’ one always hears amazing feats when it comes to 'testosterone… ’ I think it would be another ‘pray’ for it not to happen scenario? Because ‘those’ things always seem to arise?



Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, the Bond Arms derringers are well built, though have a couple of design issues (too short a grip and the trigger takes some getting used to). Still, for up close and personal, they could be quite effective on one or two attackers.



Thanks for your feedback.

Agreed - they are best (regarding for defense), as backup guns / not primary weapons.

If you do consider buying a Bond Arms derringer, may I suggest focusing more on the newer models. The newer models have the skeletonized trigger and a significantly better (for most people), trigger pull. However, new ones are generally $500 to $700 - not cheap given their potential role(s).


Let me cut to the chase

I own one and hells yes I would trust my life to one

I don’t mind the triggerr, it works best going down and back, but if you press it like a regular trigger it’s still going to go bang

They make a variety, I’m sure you can find one to your liking. Get the barrel for 3 inch 410. Really devastating at close range … Definitely my first choice if I was going to get car jacked.

Got a 9mm shortly barrel for range fun and shtf capability. Pretty accurate too

Built like tanks, fun to own, keep in the family with legit defense capability


A point on accuracy you may already be aware of. That hammer moves up and down, firing a different cylinder. You can cock and then uncock so the bottom cylinder fires first. That bottom cylinder is more aligned with the action of the trigger and you can get off a more accurate shot that way.

To realize the full defense potential of the gun, as mentioned, get chambered for the 3" magnum, you get four or five 000 buckshots with those … A freaking one hand shotgun of capability!


Dang … Another point, they made two strengths of main springs. The newer one makes it easier to cock one handed, rapidly. Just mentioning if you buy one used, tho they don’t come up that often for sale



Thank you for all the great feedback. Very helpful and interesting.

The 3 inch magnum for .410 / .45 colt - do you mean the 4.25 inch barrel that can fire the 3 inch shells, or the 6 inch barrel that gives you 3 inches of barrel past the 3 inch shells, or either one?

Either way, I agree - good to have on hand - just, I worry about the limited capacity and a little slow to fire.


For those who want to see what the Bond Arms derringers can do in .410, please take a look at this video:


I have the 4.25 barrel. If we were to prepare for everything we drive a tank and carry a bazooka. Supposedly the vast majority of self defense use of a gun don’t involve a shot being fired. The rest, averaged together last 3 seconds, are at 3 yards and involve 3 shots. This wouldn’t be my first choice of a carry gun. I have this gun stuck to a magnet hidden in a safe containing some valuables. I also use in car in certain areas. What I carry normally is a Ruger LCP … Very light and discrete to carry. What role are you looking for this to fill?


bond arms fill the same role as the NAAs. serious get off me guns. not for range, not for sustained fire, but to buy time and space to get to something more substantial.
Ive looked at the bond arms. I really like the Texas Defender in 44 mag,
the only problem being I got long hands not wide, but long. I have to space out 99% of knife scales just to be able to grip something correctly,
22 mag NAA i have i put the clip grip on, made it more usable, BUT the bond arms texas defender would require a lil but more grip, being a larger round. I can hold one at the LGS, but ive got to find one i can shoot for a couple of days… couple people i know have em, have the backup in 9mm.
probably going to just have to take the leap of faith.