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Bolt not going back in SUB 2000

Bolt not going back in after installing new charging handle. I watched the videos pertaining to the install as well as a what to do video in the case the hammer is released during the installation. I have reset the trigger with the unit in safe mode. Yet the bolt will not slide all the way into place. I have tried inverting the bolt thinking perhaps it was upside down yet none of my attempts have been successful.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, @wigmaster0. The bolt head in my S2k has to be slammed forward pretty hard to ride over the hammer into battery. As long as the hammer is cocked, you won’t hurt anything.


A common problem here. Reach in there with your finger, push the hammer down slightly, and slide your bolt past the hammer while you have downward pressure on it. I always have to do this to get the bolt in after disassembly. Totally normal.


@wigmaster0 Subs vary in how much force it takes to get the bolt to ride over the hammer. Some, like mine, require a very hard slap on the charging handle but I do not like to do that for fear of stressing the thin part of the handle. So I let gravity do the work. First be sure the hammer is back and down. Then hold the sub with the muzzle on the ground. Let the bolt and weight slide in just enough to insert the charging handle and spring, be sure everything is aligned, and then just drop the bolt. The weight of the falling bolt will carry everything past the hammer and into battery with no need to slap or stress the charging handle. The force generated is far less than that of the recoil spring slamming everything back into battery so I am not worried about harming the firearm.




Welcome Larry! And don’t put the charging handle in the wrong hole. It’s a real @@@$?! to get out.


Welcome Larry

Jperr advice is spot on, same thing happened to me and by trial and error without forcing ended up dong exactly what Jperr suggests. Also JoeFridaySays advice is spot on as well. phuzzy42, I never thought of that, and that it’s the same outcome. It is a surprise when that happens for the 1st time. Now I know multiple ways to reinsert the bolt if it hangs up! Thanks for your inquiry.


I find it best not to put anything in the wrong hole - especially without first asking permission. :smiling_imp:


Happened to me ten minutes after I bought it. Took it to their range and tore it down for the first time, then couldn’t get the bolt head to ride over the hammer. Thought it was broken, but before I embarassed myself in front of the gun guys I hang around with all the time :smile: I got pissed and slammed the charging handle, and voila - in it went. It’s not as bad as it was at first but I still have to smack it.


Ohhh your going to burn for that one!!! LoL.
Just try to get it out​:grinning::cowboy_hat_face:


@JoeFridaySays no such thing as a wrong hole :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :joy: