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Bolt issue, heavy wear seen

Please advise.
About 200+ rounds. Third cleaning.

Last time out shot about 120-30 rounds.
I always shoot “lipstick” rounds, Federal premium.

When I was putting the gun way I noticed the charging handle was very loose. I could almost toggle it like a light switch with out the bolt moving.

I tried to take it apart and the bolt would not slide out.

I found a small “lip” in the hole where the charging handle would go. “Mushrooming”

Took the bolt out and found crazy amounts of wear.
I’ve shot this unit 3 times.
Cleaned before first time out. Kept oiled with rem oil.
I’m kinda surprised by this but wondering if I did something wrong?

This is my first post. New to Keltec.

I went ahead and purchased a new “heavy bolt” and waiting for it to arrive.

No visible wear on any other parts anywhere except the bolt itself.

Purchased from Mcarbo.

As a new member I can only post one pic.


Welcome to the forum. A little surprised nobody has tried to answer you yet but then-it is Friday night. I’m not familiar enough with my own Sub2K to give you any idea of what is going on with yours but there are some VERY knowledgeable folks here who should be able to help you out.


Are there any scratches on the other side of the bolt? You might have a small(or large in this case) burr on the inside the tube where the cut out for the charging handle goes. Mine had one, but it was small and I didn’t notice it until I got my heavy bolt. I guess the original bolt wore itself in. Anyway, I used a dremel tool to de burr the inside cut out and the problem was solved. Your bolt looks much worse tho. And you DON’T want to remove too much metal. So if you’re not comfortable doing that, I would have Kel Tec take a look at it.


You mention that you “purchased from MCARBO” so I expect it’s an M Series.

This means you have to spin the recoil spring until the pin catches in the charging handle during install. If you can rotate the charging handle, it is NOT installed correctly.

I am expecting you’ve been shooting with an unsecured handle. I’m glad it didn’t launch downrange or thump your chest.

The heavy bolt extension is brass. It is MUCH softer than the original bolt extension. Confirm you have the recoil spring properly securing the charging handle b4 shooting again.


That’s a good point!

But no, it was installed correctly.
I made sure I knew how to break it down and reassemble before shooting.
It’s a “thing” I have.

And yes, M-Series is correct.