Bolt head and extractor pin kit for Ruger PC carbine

Hello guys, I just recently put in a bunch of your parts on my Ruger carbine. I noticed in the video for the steel pin kit that there is still some play in the bolt head. After I put your pins in, mine has no play and it was a snug fit. Is that ok? I haven`t shot it yet other than with some blasting caps and they seemed to have the mark where bolt struck and they eject well. Thanks


jimmeru87 Thanks for bringing this situation to notice… the mcarbo pins would not quite fit for me… they were just too tight and wouldn’t sit flush. I just re-used the factory pins and of course they are fine… OD of the pins are just a tad to big… wonder if Chris will refund me… I have been an excellent customer.

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Which model? not that it should matter but they all fit great on my 19122

Hi y’all, the extractor pins fit tight on mine, but perfectly. No complaints. The factory ones were loose.

By the way, my Carbine is also an 19122 model

Here’s more info on the MCarbo pins:


i purchased those parts in September or early October this year. Mine fit better than the factory’s. The extractor pin was a little lose, but some light grease and no problems. I’ll have to follow this thread….

Well I have been emailing them back and forth and they want a picture and I sent one today. Although they went in rather easily, now I can not get them out. I have not fired the gun since changing the pins but they said there should be some bolt head movement and I have none. I left a phone message just now asking if I can send the bolt to them to look at it. I also put the most of the other PC0 upgrades on the rifle along with the bedding kit and trigger spring kit on the Savage axis 308 I have and love all of them. I hope we can get this worked out. Thanks for your responses.

Today I disassembled the rifle to see if the Bolt head pins showed signs of wearing after reading all the issues, but up to now they aren’t showing any wear yet. I’ve only put little more than 400 rounds. So maybe is to early to say. Both were tight but I took both out without major effort.

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I installed the extractor with no problem but could not remove the two factory bolt head pins so just left them in. Everything works fine.

I sent the bolt into Ken and the pins are the right size but the holes in my bolt head are smaller. He is checking with Ruger to see when they changed their specs or if it is just my bolt so this doesn`t happen again in the future.


When Installing the MCARBO extractor and pin I found I could NOT remove the other two bolt pins so I left them place and kept theMCARBO pins “in reserve”.
Anyone else have problems with removing the matching bolt pins?

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