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Bolt Forward Issue On Reassembly Of S2K

I expect it will be the hammer doing the blocking. I’ve had success using the charging handle to work a bit of momentum to carry the bolt past the hammer (it gets easier as she breaks in). Others (probably smarter) use a dowel to reach in and move the hammer out of the way from the other side.


I thought I accidentally released the hammer, but it’s cocked back. The bolt is oriented correctly, but when I try to slide the entire bolt assembly forward, the bottom rib of the bolt contacts the hammer, even though the hammer is cocked, it’s almost like it’s not cocked far enough back or something to be fully out of the way.

Watched some videos and don’t see what I’m doing wrong. I found Kel Tecs video showing what to do if the hammer gets released and I did that … .the hammer goes back and I hear the click

Any advice?

EDIT … This thread did the trick. Pivoted the gun open and stuck my finger down it’s throat and got the bolt in.


been there too…good thing I have long fingers…


@Wedge I thought I might be the only one who did that and was afraid to admit it! :smile: