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BOLO - Looking For A

K … So …

I need your eyes, your access and your consideration. And I will trade you mine.

This thread is for those of us that stop in gun shops to see what they got.

Please help me score a 22lr Remington Nylon 76. The 76 is not a typical. Remington sold over a million of their Nylon 66 autoloaders. And between '62 and '64, they sold 27k lever action Nylon 76s. I am going to shoot it and I’m open to Nylon 66 type pricing (although rare, the 76s are known to have Shakey reliability so a known shooter is worth more to me than an unfired collector example).

So, where’s my Nylon and what are you hunting?


gunshow coming this weekend.I will look around and I will let ya know…


Thanks @GOBLIN

Folks, I am still looking. Pickle, the Henry Evil Roy, is fantabulous but it is moving on unfired. So, I’m still on the hunt for:

A Nylon 76,
A Marlin 39, or
something in the Marlin’s class.


@Dred Found this on Armslist if this link isn’t allowed I apologize

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Dude … thank you. I’ll call them tomorrow. From a review of the listing:

That Nylon 76 sure is a homely piece of sump’n. Sucks that it at a Pawn Shop 'cause my questions are about how she shoots and how the action cycles.

Historically, the lever nylons either ran or thwy didn’t. I’m after a shooter and I’m ok with saving a few bucks on a less pretty (funny even to me) example.


No problem brother, I know you said you didn’t want a collection item but that’s the only one I came across. Don’t know what kinda hoops you’ll have to jump through to obtain it but it there for the taking. Hope she land safely in your hands. Kinda sounds like it was wall art and not many rounds run through it.


the good thing about used skuffy guns, long as you make em fully operational/dependable, when you drag it out for a hunt in the deep weeds, you dont concern your self with rain, or briers, or putting that first scratch on the finish.
you just concentrate on the hunt…


I found a nylon 66, a few months ago, feed rounds through the stock of the gun, (paid 100.00 for it) individual did not want it anymore. so I added it to my collection


Not sure what you want to spend on a .22

Gun broker has one for $1200

Wow! I remember those. Did you find one yet?

Been awhile but no. I scratched the 22 Lever itch with a Browning BL 22 and scratched the buttstock mag tube itch with a Browning SA 22.

My current BOLO is a 22 DA Revolver. I need a quality shooter but I need the price scaled to the cartridge. Dream solution is a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack but the ask seems about double what I have all-in on my 357 Pistol Pack. I want one 'bout $500 worth and that only gets me 25% share in the current market. So a Ruger GP or SP ior Security 6 n the $300 range will be grabbed when I find it.


I’ll keep my eyes bugged out for ya.

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