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Body Armor...Who Has Some?

Your thoughts, experience, and pictures about your armor set up?

I use Condor carriers and mostly AR500 plates for all of my family. (Practical, affordable, and durable).

What do you guys use and recommend?


@Johnksg Custom fitted Evolution Armor Systems Kevlar XP 3-A with C.A.T.I. Armor, LLC 8"x10" (curved front & flat back) “true” AR500 Body Armor Plates and two 8"x10" Spall / Ricochet Blockers. No experience with it thank goodness and would only be used for a “situation”.


My wife and I keep a pair of sentry carriers by the bed with steel plate front and III+ soft in the back with 2-way radios to communicate.

Also have squirrelled away Mcr-1’s, Mcr-3’s, and Mcr-7’s with III+ soft inserts and trauma pads.:grin:


Reason I bring up the topic is for home/self defense. Sentry carries takes but a second to put on and provides protection for the thoracic area.

I want every advantage when it comes to protecting those I love!



I agree for home defense and the only time I would ever wear the vest set up I have.


@dave67 actually I wear a lvl IIA vest under my shirt when I coach/RSO the HGSC events…lots of brand new shooters!:+1:


You know when the topic of armor comes up the guys who brag about their self defense/home intruder set up always seem to shy away from the subject… “Oh that is just to extreme!” (Usually from the guy with the fully tactical Glock and AR set-up)

I don’t get it to be honest.

My home defense/family defense includes armor, a fully stocked med-bag, and weapons!


I’m not shying away - must be 'cause I have no glocks. But the closest I can get to armor is duct tape plus my 1/2" AR500 IDPA silhouette. I hope it never gets so extreme.

I also learned (pre Katrina) that I have friends that can pass out armor if the need arises. Hurricane parties get serious after the big blow when the wanna be looters pick the wrong neighborhoods.


AR500 plates here as well, all flat, front and back. I hadnt found a carrier that fits me right yet, but running it in a condor unit, (have no curve in my back anymore, and lost some length, back plates tend to ride low if the front is riding normal, but i will find something that fits…
girlchild Has a Level III+ (fortified protection gear panel Level IIIA) backpack and clipboard (HardwireLevel IIIA), for high school, and i just started making payments on a “switchblade” from Body Guard www.myselfdefensetraining.com (level 3A NIJ )
for her entry into college plus on that unit i can upgrade the plates to Level III+ unit takes 2 plates. shes been carrying what she has every day of school since her freshman year…

Im more paranoid with her than i am myself, If ya got one leaving the nest for a place of higher learning, check out the switchblade.


@GOBLIN some excellent suggestions. My boy has a IIIA panel and trauma pad sewn into his backpack. Only weighs 1.5lbs.

When the wife and I married and blended our families we both set out on a mission to ensure that every kid had a go bag, lightweight armor, and trauma kit. Most keep them in their cars which is fine with me.

@Dred I guess I am that guy like your friends at the “hurricane parties” but I only buy armor and store it for family.


I thought I would add a little bit more to the topic…

I just don’t see full blown heavy plate carriers as being effective for everyday use. They are part of the inventory of course, but civilians just will not use them in any situation short of major societal collapse.

However those situations do happen…

However the level III soft panels and trauma pads being so light can be used in a myriad of ways.

In my family we insert them into backpacks, book bags, computer laptop cases etc.

For home defense we keep a sentry style carrier(s) by the bedroom weapons locker. Quick to put on when something goes bump in the night.

The kids use the MCR1 with level III soft armor when they hunt. They find the chest rig handy for attaching knives, radios, and carrying binoculars.



I bought just a 11"x16" lllA panel and put it in a backpack, inexpensive route to go and I can move that panel around from bag to bag. I also have a clipboard from ballisticclipboard.com


@dave67 thats similar to what we do, wife sewed armor panel and trauma pad inside of a pillow case and Velcro it in. She did this to avoid any questions from fellow students and teachers, “hey what’s that?” In case someone else happens to see it.

We change it from bookbag to bookbag every year.


My youngest knows that “a shield works best when folks don’t realize you have one!”

he keeps it quiet.

We also do bi-annual fire drills and “bad-guy” drills in my home.

Best part is no one in my family thinks I am crazy. That is in large part due to my wife’s support and guidance to the family!

The kids like their new gear.:grin:


Banshee plate carrier and IIIA plates from AR 500.com



I am starting to believe that a set of armor for everyone will be a ‘mandatory investment’ in the next couple of years…Watch, the next generation ‘mom’ will be referring to it like leaving the house with a clean pair of underwear! Lol.


I originally picked mine up due to the number of massive protests in my city. Due to the fact I’m an emergency management employee I’d still be required to show up for work during any civil unrest.


My wife has been on me to get some protection for my range practice. I went with AR500 111A Hybrid soft armor with trauma pads that fit front and back in a compression shirt I wear under my regular shirt. Super light and protects my vitals in case of an accidental pistol/revolver discharge. I also have an AR500 Veritas carrier with inserts that have velcro to keep the plates high up so they don’t slide too low and have 8X10 AR500 level 111+ light plates. 8X10 is a little small but covers my center mass vitals and the light plates weigh just 4 pounds each. The regular plates are 6-8 pounds each and weight was the biggest factor to going with the 111+ light plates. At 57 and weighing in at a buck fifty I can’t run a 6 hour tactical rifle class with 16 pounds of ballistics plus carrier, full magazines, a Glock and AR. 8 pounds is doable but 16 is too much. All that for a few hundred bucks and it makes my wife feel better makes it a worthy investment IMHO.


@d.Ag like you I also run a light-weight set up for when I coach new shooters or RSO competition. The 3A panels from AR500 are pretty good quality and much better than that cheap stuff you see on ebay. US Palm also makes some good stuff but it is too heavy.

I like the sentry carriers because I can swap out panels for steel plates easily and I get enough airflow so I don’t melt like a standard plate carrier.

As far as why do I have them? Well for the exact same reason we all have tactical firearms. Like a fire extinguisher I hope to never need to use it but I damn well want to have several!


Alright y’all I found this topic and had to go find my old plate carrier and plates. There right about 25 yrs old and when I picked up the carrier one of my plates fell out the bottom lol liked to got my good foot lol so I decided right then I needed a new carrier while I was searching them I decided hell I want new plates as well. My old one are flat and I was remembered how uncomfortable they were so new I’m waiting on 2 new plate carriers and some new AR500 3+ curved with build up plates lol y’all sure do know how to get me to spend money and piss off the ol’lady and keep her on her toes lmao :rofl: