Boats, who likes boats?

Those were the days: :sweat_drops::anchor::sailboat:

Remember the SEARS 4 cycle outboards?
:eye: called them SEARS and ROW BACK!!! :scream::-1:

We found this Hull model in some “jetsam and flotsam” in a patch of sea weed headed out to sea as we sailed into Georgetown in the Exumas/Bahamas. :grin::anchor:


Team “Malizia” is looking sweeet…:+1::sailboat::ocean:

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When I first moved to PA my dad gave me a free boat because there’s a lake nearby. Only cost me a grand

The motor was rough. Sat for five years next to a swamp with a full tank of gas. I would have just bought a new carb but there wasn’t one to be found. Ended up drilling out the clogged passageways. Luckily I could find a rebuild kit or it wouldn’t have happened at all.

Eventually got it running. Took a month of tinkering to get it done.

Redid the false floor, carpeted it, added on an electric trolling motor and a depth finder and she was good to go. Except she was a 14’ aluminum fishing boat.

So once we got a taste of it my wife let me sell it and buy something a bit nicer the next year.

Good times. I recommend anyone who has the means to do so to do it especially if you have kids.

I’m still envious of this guy though…


I’d rather be sailing…around the world with Rosie…:earth_americas::earth_africa::ocean::sailboat::+1::clinking_glasses:


Teaching a 7-year-old how to fish was one of the most rewarding and satisfying things I think I’ve ever done in my life. It did require an amount of patience I did not know I had in me but that smile on that kid’s face when he hauled in a big shellcracker(his very first catch!) was more than well well worth it! I highly reccomend it-both for the kid and for yourself…


Well at least one enjoys it…


Ahhh yes-the venerable and oh-so-hated Tillotson carburetor. My first boat had a Chrysler 70 outboard on it which had 3 of those damn carbs… Was so never so happy to see it leave with it’s new owner! (the poor bastid!) Probably one of the biggest mechanical headaches ever invented!


Actually once I had it cleaned up she ran great. Started on the first pull even the following spring. Never had a problem with that carb even growing up when it was dad’s.

Might have just been luck but I mean it couldn’t have been all that bad considering I cleared the passageways with a hand drill.

Had other issues with that motor I had to work out though. The first time I took it out it got so hot it melted a coil. That was fun. Replaced the impeller but to do it I had to upen up the lower end and as you can imagine a lower end that hasn’t been opened in 30+ years didn’t exactly fall apart easily. Then once I fixed all that the next time out I broke the shear pin. Naturally I had absolutely nothing I could use it it’s place so it was back home we went. Then the stock fuel line clamp failed just before the carb so it sucked in air and refused to run.

All that said it was kinda fun to fix. Frustrating but fun.

My next thing to do was to repaint the outside and add a bimi top but when my wife suggested we just sell it and get a pontoon… Who was I to argue?

Still, though, she was a good boat once done. Deep V and she’d go 23 mph according to my GPS. Had to put dolphins in the motor or the it got real squirrelly.

Edit: found an old imgur thread I did about the restoration of the boat and motor. There’s lot of pics of the motor guts if anyone is interested. Just click on the pic:


We’ve used this boat for 30+ years both as is with oars and with a 3hp evenrude motor. Great for a swimming platform with the grandkids -

Sevlor Fish Hunter 360


This was a camping trip and fishing on the 2nd Connecticut lake in Pitsburgh NH


An inflatable lasted 30 years?!? How?


I call them “deflatables” had an Avon…painted it white with Hypalon paint to cool it down in the islands.

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I predict Rosie is going to be the next IMOCA single handed female around the world racer …
and she’s 27! :scream::+1::sailboat:

We’ve been in NH 27 years now 14 prior in the NY Fingerlakes and I’ll bet I had the raft every bit of 7 years there - it’s seen a respectable amount of use just well taken care of I guess. Mostly stored inflated and drawn to the rafters in the garage.


Around the world baby…with wind power and brains…:earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia::+1::sunglasses::wine_glass:


Team Malizia is holding first place…sailing 27-33 knots (38 MPH) and headed for Cape Horn.

Almost to Cape Horn now. Team Malizia is still holding first place. :+1::sailboat:
Wind power around the world baby…:earth_asia::earth_africa::earth_americas::dash:

Mast repair 3 weeks ago: