Blackhorn 209 powder-seen any lately?

Am wanting a pound or three for my new front loader. 'Sposed to be the be-all, do-all, superduty stuff to have plus it’s also said to be very easy to clean. Can’t find it anywhere close and nobody has it via mail order but Hogdon (they’ve gone from 10 oz can to 8 oz and they’re really proud of it, price-wise!) Found some @Sportsman’s Warehouse in Anderson SC but that’s like a 160 mile round trip AND their limit is only one 8 oz.can (@$49 a can!) per customer! Not even close to worth it to me.
I reckon my old Pyrodex will just have to do…


I’ve seen it a few places, but am unsure of the vendors.

Yeah, both those sites seem really sketchy. First one requires a minimum $150 order and the second wants you to send payment via Venmo to a chatroom (nope-ain’t happenin’!!!) But thanks anyway!

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And that’s why I said I was unsure of them.

It’s nothing I need so I didn’t look into them.


there is a 5 pound jug of 209 on gunbroker high bid @ $605 with almost 3 days left to go…

just mindboggling