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Black Powder Revolvers for Self Defense

Here’s something to consider if the local gun store is closed.



Really enjoyed that video. I have the Ruger Old Army which is patterned after the 1858 Remington. They are a bit more expensive, I got a good deal at $450. Mine has a 7 1/2 inch barrel with adjustable rear sights.

You are right about the power of these revolvers. With a 40gr load the velocity and energy exceed a 45acp. Lots of fun to shoot, every one at the range is going to want to try it.


Good lookin pistol! I’ve been thinking about getting a 44cal alot lately. Only problem I’m having is which model to get, your Ruger Old Army is a beautiful piece. I have the Diablo double barrel 12ga pistol on order, it should be here in July sometime, I just couldn’t resist.