Black Aces Tactical Pro and Cinnamon

I have been meaning to bring this up but I have a confession to make. I bought a cheap-ass gun and enjoyed it. Not my usual habit.

The Black Aces Tactical Pro is basically a Shockwave that’s semi-auto. I am not a die hard gun snob but I know a POS when I see one and this is it. I would liken my experience to falling in love with a stripper named Cinnamon who is half your age. You know it’s bullshit. Your friends warn you. Your momma warned you about guns like this. You don’t care.

Out of the box the thing is dripping in oil like a Class of '62 greaser. The charging handle is rattling around loose in the box. No instructions. After installing the charging handle, I give it a yank and the bolt sticks and will not release, requiring disassembly.

The next day I take it out back, put five shells in and pull the trigger five times. The first box, every other round fails to eject. Second box, same thing. Third box… Cinnamon is running like she was dipped in Astroglide.

This cheap-ass gun is fun. You can put a half pound of lead in the air in five seconds. Bonerworthy. The Shockwave and KSG got nothin’ on this boom stick. No pumping required. If it proves to run reliably after break in, it may be the ideal home defense weapon. Especially if shorty shells will run in it with no problems.


I have a similar gun. Garaysar fear 118. It’s been flawless no matter what I’ve fed it. It is very fun to shoot. I won it on a online raffle game for $30,


Sometimes, cheap works. It’s why Taurus sells firearms. The problem is when it doesn’t. Hence Taurus’ reputation… I’m glad it worked out for you this time.


That is all that counts. You bought it for youself… not public opinion. :+1:


Somewhere close to 100 rounds later, I find the gun still being finicky about ammo. They told me it will run rough until 50-100 rounds have been thru it. Actually, I saw noticeable improvement somewhere around 30 rounds.

I’m sure their break -in period is not an exact science. So I’ll give it a little more time. The current state is if you run ONLY their recommended ammo it runs fine. That’s not very practical.

Other comments? The birds head / raptor grip is as slick as snot on a doorknob. So is the fore grip. The gun can easily get away from you. Sweating or wet weather would amplify that. I’m thinking of texturing it myself with a soldering iron. It’s a cheap gun, so why not? I’m not a fan of putting sticky stuff on grips or sandpaper. Alternatively… find a better grip that’s legal for this ‘it isn’t a shotgun’ firearm.

There’s a few outfits that will stiple the grip. Or get a nice femur bone and carve that down :+1:t2:

I like the femur bone idea. I’m not a bone carver but I’ll try anything once.

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Shipped it back to Black Aces today. I hope they can resolve the issue. I’m not overly optimistic.