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Binary Trigger for Ruger 10/22 Platform

Stepping up the speed to full auto…still accurate!


Ok, that is too cool! but what did that tree ever do to you?


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1,479 rds.and first issue. :scream:

Besides the hard pull, the Binary Mode was starting to fire intermittent on release. :joy::joy::joy:

Called Franklin and got some HELP…:grin:

NOTE Binary triggers are like stock triggers. They will always have a hard pull and springs to make it work properly. Don’t expect them to feel like a light/crisp competition trigger …if so you won’t be happy.
They are for FUN …not competition.

That’s why using them in a swappable separate trigger group/housing makes the most sense to me.

So upon opening the trigger housing for a first look I found: :face_with_monocle:

1- Lots of carbon…looks worse than the pic. My dedicated housing is over 36 years old, aluminum and I had to heat it with a torch when I first started to install the binary, blue Locktite a fitting in place and had to redo the connection…so some of the black paint is blistered.

2- One of the two Franklin hammer spring tails was not seated into a groove properly and was riding on part of the DISCONNECTOR…making it not function properly!!! Not sure if it was that way from the start…and the other side spring was doing all of the work…and weakened in time causing the malfunctions?

3- Franklin told me to bend the spring tails outward a little to help them seat positively. They also said the newer springs have the tails bent outward a little to prevent this from happening. They were pretty sure the inward tail in my first pic was causing the malfunction.

4- Test fired 30 rds. in Binary Mode and all is well…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

5- The trigger pull weight is smooth and light now…:grin:

Hope this helps anyone having Franklin Binary trigger issues…:wave::v:

Spring tail resting on DISCONNECTOR

Spring tails bent outward/fixed


Thanks for the reminder i forgot to clean my 10-22 after last outing.

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Mines running perfectly now…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:


Ohhhhh… me want. Is Biden going to send us some more gun money?

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Don’t forget to buy a new complete Ruger Trigger Guard Assembly to install the binary in…or keep the order for backup.
Price still hasn’t gone up…$51.99 @ Brownells…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:
Or the BX for $75.99.


No :boom: :boom:both of these are OOS. :cry:

Here ya go…

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@Slowest Midway has the OEM assembly for a couple of bucks more.
The BX is overdue and overpriced.:rage:

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I hate to say it but Cheaper Than Dirt has the BX trigger for a great price! $59.95:see_no_evil::scream:
Install the binary in the OEM assembly and keep the BX for backup.

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