Binary Irony: I've been triggered

A buddy of mine wants to raise some cash and sell me his AK pistol with a binary trigger.

I am not a fan of binary triggers as I have mentioned. But admit after looking at it that I am tempted. Not because it has a binary trigger. But because it’s clearly a well built AK pistol. Like Andy Warhol said, “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.” He left it with me and told me to think it over. He doesn’t want to go thru the BS of selling it to somebody he doesn’t know or bother with shipping.

I’m going to sleep on it. I might take it and pull the kludge trigger out. Put in a Red Star, which in my not always humble opinion is the best AK trigger on the market.


If I were to build an AK, it would be a pistol. Maybe in 9x39. The rail on top would definitely make a red dot giggly fun.


Well, whats he want for it?.. binary is just a switch, not really a deal maker/breaker just some icing on the cake.


To me, AK’s are like pizza (and a few other pleasures). Even the worst I ever had wasn’t all that bad.

This is a Kalisnikov USA and it is very obviously well made. Unlike many of the domestic and some of the formerly imported AK’s. What I admire about the AK is you can toss event the cheapest of them into the worst muck or sandy desert and it will still fire when you pull the trigger.

This as everyone can see is a 9mm. I do not have one of those. Maybe I do now.


Yep, you’re right.


Said he paid $1500 for it. Offered it to me for 12. It’s clean as a whistle. He didnt shoot it much. The triggers cost $350 on sale. Zero interest in the mall ninja trigger but it comes along for the ride. 1200 is the going rate for the Kalasnikov USA pistol without the binary trigger. Not a great price, but it’s in-line. No tax, no transfer fee.

My buddy is trying to start up a business so I’ve decided to take it. If he wants it back later on I’m cool with that.


Always good to help a buddy out