M*CARBO Brotherhood

Binary Firing System (BFS) Trigger

What is the Brotherhoods feeling about binary triggers. Just got an email about them from



They look like they might be fun to play with but a bit pricey .


I love the concept. I know two folks that run then and love them. Personally, I get plenty of smiles running value triggers.

And, yes, I’m equating less bangs to more value 'cause my smile can’t grow any with more/faster bangs. My interest in them is largely just a FU to the folks enforcing unconstitutional restrictions on shooters.


I did look into purchasing one but check your state laws before you do. They are interesting and they look like fun but the feel is not much better than a Mil Spec trigger from reviews I’ve watched. I can buy almost three Velocity drop in triggers for that price. I also feel I would go through twice as much ammo as I normally would.


Seems interesting, but it’s not worth the price.


@dave67 I agree about the twice as much ammo for sure.


Don’t know much about this in particular but it would seem kind of cheesy for use in competition. I mean, it sounds like you’re getting a double tap with one pull…surely a fast, accurate double tap with a standard trigger would equate to better handling skills by the participants, no?

Now if you find yourself in a situation where you need to take threats down as quickly as possible, well, enough said… :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to watch a couple YouTube videos to figure this out but No. I would much rather a good custom trigger (ie. the difference between my MCARBO Trigger and the stock one off my S2k). I’d rather try to make precise shots than have that second tap be residual of the first.

I’ll give an analogy. I’m a drummer, a while back someone came out with a binary foot pedal that struck the head on the downstroke and the upstroke. Push down boom. Pull up boom (hey sounds like a song!!) I had occasion to test one and it was just plain goofy. It compromised regular playing for the crutch of a free (weak) extra hit. And anyway, I can play a second or third or fourth hit a lot faster and better just playing regular. Nooooop😣

Plus, I’d have to pay to get it done and I’d gladly pay to have a lot of other stuff done instead.


Like you, my brother beats things with sticks (in truth, with hands, bones, whatever’s available, but I digress…) and I suspect he’d feel the same about that binary kick pedal. It’s a bit of a cheat, in a way, and good analogy to my competition comment.

Again, if you’re getting shot at and you’re not full auto, the binary trigger seems like a good way to, uh, “return the favor” as quickly and with as much lead as possible. I’d say that’s fair. :+1:


The YouTube videos I watched each had several what seemed like timing related FTF issues as well.


That’d suck if you’re getting shot at…surely…


I’ve considered one for my AR pistol. A) Because I’ve got an ATF lower and would enjoy the iron of a binary in a braced AR and B) to up firepower in a compact PDW. I’d also like to get a .22 upper to go with it for fun times. But all in that’s a pricey set up, so most likely that’ll wait a while.

Would be shocked to have them get targeted for the same reason as bumpstocks. Unconstitutional, but if the choice is destroy a $400 trigger or become a felon, that will suck.


not to mention they (Fostech) says to replace the bolt with a full auto bolt for it to function on the Echo II binary. so thats 479$ for the trigger and A PSA DLC AR15 BCG is 109.95$ Lil rich for my blood for a stutter gun…give me a Geissele G2S or SSA-E everytime


I love mine. I have them in an AR pistol and a CZ Scorpion. They are fast, easy to transition with and after a little practice it doesn’t matter if you are in binary mode when engaging targets because you can press and hold for one bang, transition to the next target and release for the next bang. Insanely fast double taps and it is very positive in it’s engagement so you it can’t accidentally go binary on you from the semi mode. Really the most fun is when shooting the 22 conversion kit in the AR pistol. I’ll fire three or four hundred rounds a session and then finish it off with a mag of 5.56 just to get some of the crud out.