M*CARBO Brotherhood

Big Thank you to M*CARBO

short story long, i traded for a kel-tec ksg, i am one that can not leave nothing alone. so it was mod time, i found m carbo’s sight. they had everything i needed to do the mods i wanted, i got the order in a few days, i ordered a couple wrong parts, contacted them, sent back, they sent correct parts i really needed. they went beyond all means to accommodate me and my needs. i ordered a grip plug two days ago and bam here it is today. next up will be the trigger. i have dealt with many gun aftermarket places. mcarbo is heads and shoulders above the rest. there customer service is the best i have ever seen. and the shipping time. in 2020 i did not think shipping could be fast, but they get it mailed and its here ever time. i will recommend m carbo to everone for there parts and needs. joseph