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Best Value 1911 Under $1500 (New)


I think you’ll be pleased with them. Here’s a photo of them installed on two of my SR1911s.



Thanks for the link and the pictures. Great stuff!

So, these stay on nice and snug? How do you install them?


@johnb They are very easy to install by removing the grip panels, hooking the edge of the strap over the edge of the cutout in the grip frame, and then replacing the grip panels. They are very secure with absolutely no wiggle once the grip panels are snugged down securely.



Wow! Thanks! That does sound easy and secure.


@Dred @JohnB

1911 22TCM/9MM Full Size,Double Stack Mag, Built for Me by (John Glass)Slide work and 3lb trigger and Color and Grips $1000.to Alaska! J.G.@ 620-314-5383



Beautiful gun. Thanks for sharing a picture and description of it.

$1,000 does not sound bad. Not sure if I would go with a custom gun, though.


@DivaMarie Absolutely gorgeous pistol! I just love 1911s!


One day … all of my parkerized shooters (3 Rocks and a build) will be shipped off for Hard Chrome. It just looks much betterer to my eyes - even if the park has proven to be plenty protective when kept oil soaked.

She’s pretty. Love a healthy butt on a girl.


Smith and Wesson makes a nice performance center 45 acp feels and shoots like a 2,000 dollar pistol. You wont be disappointed.



I had a rock island 1911 for awhile and with a few tweaks it was a great gun for 400 dollar price range. I never had any problems with mine. Now adays every company makes a 1911 and most are decent guns i had the chance to shoot the taurus 1911 i was shocked at how good it felt and shot. Now i love my taurus revolvers but havent ever been a big fan of there semi autos but like the 1911 they are making