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Best Value 1911 Under $1500 (New)



Thanks for the feedback. What is it you won’t buy another of…?

  1. Got the only one we will ever need. Collectors have their niche but this is a quality tool that will put last me.


put=out fat fingers…



Did you get it in .45 acp or 10 mm?


.45 I’m not a 10mm fan. It’s not ammo picky and shoots like a dream.



Thanks for the feedback.

Anything you don’t like about it?


Not a thing for me. If I know we are going to shoot a good bit my wife likes the Hogue wrap around. I don’t complain because she is very good with it. Both of us shoot the SR1911 better than our other .45’s, a full size M&P with Apex trigger and a P90DC. We got this one 12/14. Prices were a little better then.


@dred I’ve ordered blem lowers from PSA and can never find the issue. It’s funny to me that some people won’t buy a blem. More for me!


@Kona I talked to me bout that Kona, I couldnt find em either, was told a lot of the time it was a slight imperfection in the artwork line depth, or a slight roughness in spots of the coating… the only time i ever had a issue was mating a PSA lower, to a Smith and Wesson flat top upper, had to use a wedge, lil to much movement for my taste, but it fed fine either way…


@kona … so it’s you that keeps putting them outa stock while I’m trying to buy’m. I’m gonna have to put you on friend/mentor probation till you start giving me more time :grin:. In all seriousness I’ve tried to pounce a few times and been consistently too slow and too late.


@dred hahaha! I’m beginning to think all PSA sells is “out of stock”


PSA…does not sound like 1911’s.

Can we get back on topic here, please?

Thank you.



Sure can. Ruger did a great job on the 1911s. I’d buy with confidence. Then I’d have the front strap checkered.



Thanks. Doesn’t the SR1911 come with two different sets of grips - one wood, one rubber? If you put the rubber grips on, would you still want/need the additional checkering?


@JohnB … yes and yes. I don’t like any of the finger grooves I’ve tried on single stack 1911s and I’ve probably tried them all. I run Pearce finger grooves on my double stack 1911s, but if my checkering guy confirms there’s enough front strap meat to checker the 460 Rowland is getting Micarta and checkering.

I run a lot of 1911 flavors and I carry them all. The finger grooves just don’t work well for me. I can suck up a smooth front strap on my 9mm and 22TCM 1911s, but I cannot on the 10 or the 45. My hold secures the gun with the front strap and the back strap. The scales are largly a fashion accessory and their grippiness matters little to me. I’m simply not accurate if I’m squeezing the grip scales; rather I push-pull with support hand and shooting hand. My technique produces a grip that is extremely solid by advantaging upper body strength which is more lasting and durable than grip strength. But I do suffer from not practicing one handed shooting nearly enough. My one handed targets would qualify me for whatever, but I ain’t proud of them.



Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I use the push/pull technique, too - definitely helps me, though I am no expert shot.

Any idea how much it would cost to checker the front strap?


@JohnB … I don’t know. Finding a willing smith has been difficult. I found a local smith that does at a gun show a few months ago, but I have not got any quotes from him yet.

I can tell you it’s a few $hundred in tools plus two or three practice guns to DIY. The learning curve convinced me that it will be cheaper to pay a smith that can show me examples of what he/she has done. I’m too attached to my 1911s to use them to learn and I already know I don’t have the patience or eyesight to do work acceptable to me. And it will definitely vary according to the cost of refinishing the frame if it’s not a stainless gun.


@Kona Locals Kona Locals… lucky if any parts make it out of SOUTH CAKALAKIE! we like us some AR here…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
gun counter will be a handful of people, parts counter is full 4 to 5 deep every time i go there…


@johnb @dred I’ve used the Wilson Combat checkered front strap on two of my SR1911s, one in stainless and one in black. I highly recommend them:



TY sir … I just ordered 2. $9.95 with your recommendation makes it a must try. So if it works out on the Rock and the Spartan, I’ll consider ordering again for the uncompleted frame in my project que.