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Best Value 1911 Under $1500 (New)


Looking for an upgrade to the Springfield 1911 Mil Spec. Needs to be +p rated, highly reliable, easy to maintain (for a 1911), easy to find replacement parts (if/when needed), and very accurate. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


IMO … this question has a best answer. Searh for a Dan Wesson Blem. Dan Wesson’s blems are better finished than “custom shop” production 1911s, but DW offers them at a substantial discount bringing them into your price range. My Silverback is a blem and I had Benjamins to spare in your budget. Even with DWs description of the blem I needed light plus magnification to find the deviation from perfection.



Wow, would not have thought to consider a blemished gun, but I see your point. Worth considering. Thanks!


I have just ordered my 2nd Sig Sauer 1911 in 45acp. My first is the full size Fastback Nightmare, with Sig nite sights. The 2nd is a compact (Officer’s) in PVD nickel with black controls, also nite sights. Sigs are amazingly smooth and very accurate. Retail on these is typically $1049. Well below your budgeted figure. If you fire one of these you can just feel that you are handling a gun of exceptional quality.

Here are pics of them


Thanks for the feedback, Dane.

I will take a look into them.

Thanks for the pics - really helps.



I really like the Kaher 1911A1. The company makes the Desert Storm, which only costs in the $3500 retail range! LMAO However, one gets a .357, 40 SW, 44 MAG, 45 and 50 rolled into one package! The milspec Kaher 1911A1 retails at $627. The CEO, (Rev. Moon,) has been involved in firearms since he was 8 and his company has been around since the mid 80’s. His philosophy is to create exceptional quality firearms at a fair market price. Their World Headquarters are in Pennsylvania and their main manufacturing plant is located in Massachusetts. Yes, I did a ‘little’ homework on them. Big smiles! Check them out…



Thanks for the tip. Is their milspec made for hardball (only)? I had heard at least one of their guns is/was.

I used to have the Kahr MK40. Great little gun, but decided to switch to other CCW guns that I could get a better grip on. That gun, the MK40, was incredibly accurate, though.

Yeah, in my entire life, I have never paid or invested anywhere near $3500 into 1 gun. But $627, yeah I could do that.



By the way, I had just purchased a Magnum Research charging handle for my Custom 22 build. I just have to purchase my ‘lightweight’ barrel and v-block assembly before I start working on it!!! I will keep it ‘all’ under wrap until I am finished… Big smiles!


Sigs are solid shooters. I used to run one in IDPA. I liked it plenty but it left my collection when I became opinionated about fire controls.

/begin rant
None of my 1911s have Series 80 or Schwarz safeties - but none have ever fired without me pulling the trigger. When I finally came to understand the simple elegance of JMBs fire control design - I parted ways with all my 1911s with features I don’t need. The firing pin stop Sigs use is a fourth layer of safety which costs a bit of trigger feedback. Since I have three layers of safety designed to keep my hammer from sending the firing pin (thumb, grip and my thinkerer) I’m just unable to convince myself to give up anything in trade for even more layers.

The Sig is a very good gun. I own Sigs and I’m a Sig fan. I just can’t consider them with the top tier because they retained a feature some marketer requested to differentiate Colt’s offering back in the 70s. Note that Colt’s own top offerings don’t jack up fire controls with unnecessary, feel good “features.”
/end rant (unless somebody says the K word)



I had read a few articles about the company. They don’t cut corners where it counts. For example their 10 22 rifle barrel is machined and ‘cooled’ like a Volquartsen barrel, but they give you a Ruger BX (quality) trigger so they allow the shooter to ‘outsource’ certain parts to suit their preferences. I hope that gives you a ‘better’ idea for your firearm’s pleasures??? In my opinion, it makes the purchase very enticing! I was even thinking about going for those extremely expensive custom white grips. However, it then may be too ‘pretty’ to fire? Big smiles!


I can appreciate wanting to get every possible advantage in a competition gun. At that level even very small changes that the average shooter would never notice can make all the difference in a match. Competition guns and every day carry are two different animals. A “hot” range is a different world from the streets. Most people don’t have the trigger discipline of an experienced competitor or an LE professional. Those “extra” layers of safety are a good, if not necessary thing during reaction to a potential self defense situation. My recommendations were based on EDC and self defense. I have range guns and street guns too. I always take my street guns to the range, but my range guns never make it to the street.


@Dane … my fault brother. I shot my Sig in maybe 5 or 6 IDPA matches and I perform poorly on a clock. I’m not a competitor. In fact if a pistol doesn’t bring warm and fuzzies and make my occasional carry list … it is invited to go live elsewhere. The Sig left for more principle based reasons but I frequently face the world with a 938 providing the warm & fuzzy.

The only reason I require a thumb safety on my auto loaders is my 1911 hold. If I shoot a pistol without a thumb safety … it requires deliberate effort to get my finger to the trigger ’ cause my thumb is freaking out looking for its rest (thumb safety).

That firing pin stop has you fooled. It only prevents ignition from impacts. But, truth is, the sustem can be removed entirely and an impact will still fail to cause ignition. It is protecting you from a problem that doesn’t exist.

If it was a real problem, there would be zero 70 series fire controls in California where the state does drop safety testing on submitted firearms before approving them for sale in the state. Last I checked there are plenty of 1911s that passed without a firing pin stop.

Now if taping the grip to deactivate the grip safety is your thing … you might need a firing pin stop.


Justin Moon, the son, is the CEO and founder of Kahr. I thought Rev. Moon was against it because the Moonies are all about peace and love. LOL

I bought a PM9 in 2005 and that’s one gun that will never leave my safe even though I now carry a G43. It’s a great little pistol and I carried it for about 10 years. :+1:


It will work if the gun is worn out or malfunctioning enough that the hammer can slip off the main and secondary sears if dropped on the muzzle. It will stop a negligent discharge when the hammer drops. But, yeah, that’s a very rare case. If anyone is concerned, just get a light (titanium) firing pin and/or stronger firing pin spring and you’ll be okay from muzzle drops and inertia since the firing pin won’t have enough energy to strike the primer and pop it. But, the hammer dropping is different entirely and a firing pin stop would definitely save the day in that case.


I know what you mean by your thumb looking for a place to go. I carried Glocks for years as an LEO, but that thumb thing, Never seemed to really have a solid, consistent place to put that thumb. Now that I’m retired and not required to carry a specific, Dept issued weapon, I am moving more and more to the 1911 platform. The thumb safety provides that rest position in addition to having a much better trigger than even my customized Glocks.
The Glocks I carried were in 40 cal, my 1911’s in 45 cal. Always preferred a bigger chunk of lead. But, that Sig 938, with it’s 1911-like controls, just may be the first 9mm I am seriously tempted to pick up.



The ‘Moonies/Ralph Cramden,’ ya know how these old minds work? NOT… One has good/bad days… I ‘just’ F L O W (ya’ know?) Big smiles! Thanks for your input, Scott! You are just re-affirming my desire to purchase that Kaher 1911… With all this desire to rebuild all these different firearms going on inside me, by the time I purchase it



Scott, part of my mind is just wandering with the ‘Moonies’ and all I can think about is ‘The Honeymooners’ and Ralph Cramden’s statement, "Fly me to the moon, Alice !’ You really make me laugh sometimes? Thank you!!! I really enjoy my MCARBO brothers n sisters in many different ways… You ‘guys’ challenge my thinking, for sure! Thanks for the reaffirmation of Kaher Arms. I cannot wait to tinker around with a 1911. I still have a few other pieces to build before I get there. I am sure that I will have the opportunity to build the 1911 a few hundred times in my head before I actually get my hands on it? I know it will be an awesome piece by that time I am finished with it? By then, I guess I will have to thank my MCARBO family (threefold?) Big smiles.


Bang for the buck I’d say the Springfield loaded operator. Has the look and feel of $1200-1500 1911s for well under $1000. I think I paid $750 for mine


@msydnor can second the SPRINGFIELD line of 1911’s, lot of bang for the buck.
my lil hot rod, my after work carry, is a Springfield Ultra compact 1911, had and carried it more years than i care to count, never a issue with anything… no FTF/FTE/FTL on it ever.
just picked up some Lehigh /underwood Xtreme defense rounds for her.

the one thing, IF you use standard 7 or 8 rnd magazins for the Compacts, get the spacer blocks that snaps on the mags. Keeps the magazine from rocking around. more stability…

my stuff is older and well used, does show signs of wear and tear…


The best for the money I have had is the SR1911. If you aren’t hung up on brand or bling it’s a very good quality piece. I won’t buy another one.