Best Triggers For Glock 19 & Ideas For Improving Trigger Pull On Glock .40/10mm


I have the Apex, not onky on my G19, but my 2 Shields as well. They are a worthwhile investment for sure.


I have tried several including the Ghost triggers. The best I have found is Orange County Custom triggers. If you go to their site you can select your model and basically “build” your trigger. I went with the options for smooth trigger, high polished trigger bar and the option for setting trigger pull length and reset. This was for a G-27 gen4. Trigger pull is down to about 4lbs and is much shorter, as is the reset. These are adjustments you make with a small allen wrench, so you can set it for you. Cost was about $125. I put the same trigger in my wife’s Glock 43 9mm, again 4lb pull, much shorter pre-travel and reset. No hand fitting of parts required.


That sounds interesting. Pretravel is my biggest complaint with the Glock or for that matter, any striker fired pistol.


Came across this article today. For those considering their first trigger job, this may answer some questions.


i finally fitted the MCarbo spring and trigger to my 597 last night [bought it months ago]
dont know what the trigger pull was [i dont have a guage] but by just pulling the trigger it does what it says on the packet sweet and smooth and avery light pull compared to what it was thanks @ChrisNelson