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Best Triggers For Glock 19 & Ideas For Improving Trigger Pull On Glock .40/10mm


Just wondering what would be the best trigger for my glock 40 10mm mos . And also glock 19 both gen4 .


I like Apex trigger kits. I have it installed in my G19 along with the safety plunger. Pretty significant difference in take up and makes for a nive clean and crisp break


@Maddog1, I have a Glock 17 with the Ghost Evo trigger kit. Took out a lot of the take up and gives a nice clean break. I did my G22 and G27 with the Mcarbo spring kit. Polished all the internals when I did the springs and that really helped reduce trigger weight and provide a clean break but did nothing to reduce the take up like the Ghost trigger did. Mcarbo really needs to make a connector to go with their springs.


Oh thats an easy one! Go buy a Walther PPQ and throw away the Glock! :grin::+1:

Sorry I just couldn’t help myself…I fought it for as long as I could.


Well hell i have beretta 92fs sig 226 sig938 spring field xdm competition you think thats better.


Yup…but none of them striker fired! :grin::+1:

But I do like those Sigs.


@Johnksg, @Maddog1, Glocks are ugly plastic guns but there is a reason more LEO’s carry them than probably all others combined. They Work! They are like that old timex watch, they take a lickin and keep on tickin. Nothing against the Walther or Springfield XDM’s or XDS’s, own them too. When it absolutely positively has to go bang, I trust my glocks I have NEVER had a FTF or FTE with any of my Glocks… Their stock triggers do suck though.


@Maddog1, If you don’t want to go through the hassle of fitting your connector, you can get one of these. Does not include the springs. I just ordered some to go with the Mcarbo springs I’ve installed in the G22 and G27. Have a set of Mcarbo springs for my G26 also but will wait until these connectors come in. Just ordered 3 of these connectors. When I’m finished I’ll be able to compare to the fitted Ghost Evo Elite complete kit in my G17.



Mike, I had used the Apex for my Glock 17 Gen 4. I was extremely happy for the value. I have been becoming more adventurous after building my gun ‘from scratch.’ I am sure with a 3.5 trigger kit and some ‘polishing,’ you can easily get it down to 2.7 pounds or less!!! I don’t remember what I had spent. I think it was around $135 at the time? Now, knowing what I know, I would save my money and keep it ‘stock’ and polish the assembly. Best of luck in whatever you decide.


Your right about glock triggers they such and knows that dont understand why they didn’t improve it also plastic sights come on another issue other than that fine firearm.


I have replaced the sights on all of mine with tritium sights.


Why they cannot put an ‘inexpensive’ set of HiViz sights and call it a day is beyond me??? Yeah, when I first found out about those plastic sights I was turned off by it!!!



I would like to ‘venture’ out with a M*CARBO spring kit (after changing my connector with a Ghost…) I should ‘remember’ to test the trigger before doing so??? Big smiles!


I’ve tried the ghost connector with springs the trigger was better but the safety wasn’t working now i have a live firearm with proper safety reinstall the original connector wirks as advertise. Im think of a whole trigger assembly with springs what would you recommend. Most of my pistols are double action alloy frames its a great pistol but the triggers suck . I have a spring field xdm competition pistal upgraded the trigger fine as wine very nice trigger pull .


The safety wasn’t working after putting in a complete Ghost kit? Chances are the connector wasn’t fit properly. You need to file on them some to get the safety/reset to work properly. It can be a tedious job. File a little, assemble, test, and repeat until it’s fit properly. I’ve been told that if you ruin the connector when fitting, ghost will replace it but I haven’t run into that problem, at least yet.



Tac with minus connector and 6lb spring. The 34 build got Apex plunger and lighter plunger spring but not that much different then the others with oem.


You forgot Springfield xdm are striker fired nnts.


Can’t say enough good things about the Apex trigger kit I put in my SD9VE backup piece. Went from being a firearm of last resort to being a very usable tool. Cut that awful trigger pull from about nine pounds to a little less than five.


I’ve been hearing a lot of good comments about the Apex trigger. Sounds like a good excuse to get another gun so I can give it a try.


I think it’s a worthwhile investment. I can only speak from a personal perspective in that I’m glad I didn’t choose to sell off that pistol now that I used that product.