Best Slings for Sub-2000 Single or Double Attachment


Hello! I am looking for a great sling for Sub-2000. What ones do you prefer? What are your favorite mounting points and preferred mounting hardware?



I bought the MCARBO Single Point Sling Mount and a Fab Defense bungee sling. Great setup. Love it👍


@TCTOPPS Performance Services Quick Detach Single Point Sling Mount with a bungee sling.


Do you prefer single or double mount for this rifle?

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I believe a double mount should ‘balance’ the rifle better? I am sure that the ‘point of attachment’ also makes a big difference in modifications as well. I guess it would be more of a personal preference?


Mcarbo single mount with a fab defense sling. I like the single point better, less hangups in the weeds, (undergrowth) and easier to bring to a firing position… :grin:


@GOBLIN and drop out of the way when you need to draw your sidearm! Simple is always my favorite. :grin::+1:


MCARBO single mount with Mission First Tactical single point sling. I run their slings on all my carbines and our department carbines.

 My favorite is - both. I use mostly Magpul slings, the multi-mission ones that allow for use as either a single or a double point. The photo I've included shows the sling I'm using for both my Sub2K and my C39V2 Zhukov AK. It's a quick detach, it can be used as a 2 point, or one of the connectors can be snapped into the sling and it becomes a 1 point. As it shows, I attached an m-lok QD base on the forend and another to the left side of the buttstock. The idea for the placement on the buttstock came from one of our Brothers on this forum. This configuration allows for more options based on situation.![Sub2K%20sling|403x500](upload://o8nR2S5NUVP7LJldcBapxMq2g30.jpeg)
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