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Best practical jokes

I am hoping to hear about a practical joke you played on someone who was being a real ass_ole to you. Here is a true story from when I was 17.

My best friend and I were fishing for flathead catfish one hot summer night on a bridge over a roller dam when a really nice Corvette convertible pulls up behind us and parks. It was around 2am and the guy was obviously drunk when he gets out and asks us if we were having any luck. We said no and that it had been slow all night. He proceeds to tell us how stupid we were and that we didn’t have a f ing clue about fishing catfish. When the guy was busy looking over the bridge railing down at the water I told my friend to keep this asshole distracted for a little while where he won’t look back to his car. My friend asked him something and pointed to another rod and reel we had set up against the rail about 30’ away. They both turned their backs to me and they started walking in that direction when I sprang into action. I quickly grabbed one of the many dead carp laying dead on the sidewalk over the bridge and quickly stuffed it under the seat of his convertible Corvette and quickly went back to attending my fishing rig. The drunk asshole had no clue what I had done and it was all we could do to not bust out laughing before he got back in his car and drove off. We laughed hysterically as he drove off!!! The next day it got up to about 95 in the shade. Can you imagine this guys face when he discovered what was making such a putrid smell a number of days later in his nice Corvette?


Had a few powerboat reps come to my place to do some warranty issues for their manufacturer… they were from Florida and at that time I was in Northern Wisconsin. I had large workshops they would rent out a few times a year. They brought the company motorhome so they could stay a few weeks. I had known them both for years… Danny and Jerry.

After they finished a few weeks of work it was time for them to drive back home. Unknown to them I had pre-made a large cardboard sign and duct taped it to the back of the motorhome when they weren’t looking. The sign was colorful and festive… it read: “Danny Loves Jerry. JUST MARRIED!!! Jerry Loves Danny”. And off they went.

I was pretty sure the sign would blow off pretty quick so I didn’t think much about it. Well… two days later they called me and basically threatened me with revenge. They couldn’t figure out why every car or semi that passed them honked their horns and pointed at them. They said they just waved back. Turns out they went the entire trip without going to the back of the motor home and were greeted by fellow employees as they pulled into the company parking lot. That’s when they were told about the sign.

Did they get revenge? Oh yes. The next time they came up to do some warranty fiberglass repair they snuck into my house and put fiberglass dust into all my underwear and bed.
So remember… paybacks suck.


Some high school friends were at Taco Bell once, one got up to go to the restroom and the other guy took a pack of hot sauce, opened it up enough to insert the drinking straw in it and put the whole packet down in his buddy’s drink. Fellow got a big swig of Fire sauce!

A few more minor ones…tying the shoelaces together of a dozing shipmate or turning off the fuel petcock on your pal’s trailbike.


Practical joke went wrong…
This one job we were cutting line and one fellow dropped a tree on his foot, broke several bones. Weeks later shows up for work and we teamed up to get some cutting done. Nobody else wanted to work with him as he wasn’t back to 100% yet. Anyway, I thought it was fun, as he had his back to me from time to time I would cut a small spruce tree down on him and shout out loudly over the chain saw noise “lookout” at the last second, tree would fall on him, and he would sound off, I thought it was funny the first couple times but then I was cutting a good sized tree quite safely in the opposite direction and pointed it out so all was good, except the tree bounced off an old “widow maker” the shook and fell reverse course right at us. I yelled at the top of my voice to get out of the way but I only received the finger and they guy never turned around until I kept screaming he was about to die. Anyway when he did turn he had only a few short seconds to sum up the situation and decide which way to dive out of the way. He barely made it. The tree hit so hard and was so rotten that it flattened to half it’s original diameter. Aftermath… I promised I wouldn’t fall anymore trees on him!


This would be a good practical joke to pull on someone…


Years back I worked at a auto body shop and we had this guy that when he had to work under a car he had a bad habit of tying he’s hands up to the car and sleeping one day while he was napping I brushed some lacquer thinner on the bottom of he’s shoes lit them on fire and yelled fire that poor bastard just about killed himself trying to get out from under that car that he was tied to and a a heel of a knot on his forehead for a couple of weeks


On random days we’d put a small dab of wheel bearing grease on the drivers door handle of our C.O.'s duty driver…


I was working in a boat yard on the Miami River back in the 80’s. The office personnel had a coffeemaker in the workshop…and they wouldn’t let us boat monkeys have any of their precious coffee! So someone (ahem) had the idea to put some go-jo in the coffee pot. Just enough.
They kept buying new coffeemakers…and someone kept adding the go-jo.:sunglasses::coffee::sake:


May try this or something like it.


Back in the day I rode with a bunch of folks that all rode Harleys or Indians. One guy traded his Indian in for a Honda Goldwing. So one night we’re in the bar and someone tells him that his scooter is leaking all over the parking lot. He runs out to find a pile of rice under his bike. He didn’t talk to me for a week!!!


Can you imagine calling a motorcycle an Indian now? My High School mascot was Indian and the school board now have voted to change the mascot because Indian was racist. Several new mascot names were presented as options and the Mavericks were selected. Now the school board is saying Mavericks is no good because a Texas slave owner back in the 1800’s was called Maverick. I plan to go to the next school board meeting and tell them maybe they should just go with the Candy Asses!