Best optic for Pmr 30 with operator mount

Hell all
So I just ordered the operator mount and the all in one bundle for my Pmr 30,Il be sending everything directly to keltec as the need to look at my gun. I have near zero experience with handguns and absolutely zero experience with optics/red dots. Can anyone recommend an optic compatible with the operator mount? I want to go with the best. Much appreciated


I recommend the Vortex venom red dot.

It weighs 1.1 oz. KEL-TEC recommends any red dot of 2 oz or less if you plan on placing it directly on the gun’s slide.

PSA has a really good deal right now on a 3 MOA Vortex Venom Red Dot for $169.99 by using code “VENOM”. This red dot is selling every where else for about $100 more.

I have the 6MOA on my M CARBO operator mount and I very happy with it - on target. You can still use the manual sights under the operator mount if you choose do do so.

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