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Best ammo for 6.5 creedmoor

morning Brothers. quick question, A Friend just aquired a 6.5 creedmoor American predator with a 22 inch barrel and a 1-8 twist. He was asking me about ammo and I have no experiance with that round. So I came to you incredible buckets of knowledge. He is looking for best grouping and accurracy. He hunts Elk and Deer. Any suggestions.


Does he reload?

If so, I load a 120gr Barnes TTSX with 41gr H4350 at 2.800” OAL. It shoots .5moa if I do my part.

I’ve never used factory creedmoor ammo so o have no guidance there.


no he doesnt reload.


Best thing to do with finding a good factory load to the rifle is buy a box of every different brand and see what patterns the best. Usually 5-6 different boxes/brands usually helps.

Us “reloaders” do the same thing when working up a sweet recipe. We build loads from mild to wild and test the loads to how the rifle responds. Different powders, bullets, bullet weights and primers all make a difference. If you are like me and trying to shoot a gnat off a fly’s ass at 500 plus yards, I break my power loads into .000 to fine tune the load.


Thanks Brother. i have no idea about this round