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Best Ammo For .40 S2K

Best ammo for .40 S2K


It has been a while since I have been on this forum.
Early on, right after MCARBO started this forum I created a thread that had this same title.
Someone told me about LAX AMMO. I bought some of the 180gr. reloads.
Before I could tke delivery the gun went to FLA. .
I received it 2 days ago and went out to shoot it. I shoot 3 different loads.
The LAX AMMO is excellent !!!
Who ever turned me on to that I say THANKS!!!


Lets hope this one gets a lot of good input on 40cal ammo for the sub2000.


I know there was one here durring the “FREY” for the muzzle break and trigger bar competition. that and “ALL THINGS AIRGUNS”. I can not find them now. Do threads fall off after a while ?


Thanks for letting me know!


There’s been no input on this post. My S2K is currently in Fl with an expected return about mid October (sent the MCarbo upgrades with it). Please give some insight so I can stockpile some ammo for a good range day.


I would say any brass cased factory ammo runs flawlessly, just don’t try steel or aluminum, they tend to stick in the chamber.


@FrankG found this chronograph data in another forum Re: sticky for chronographs of the sub2k

And these numbers were posted by a “lurker” named Awasos. I saved them to a Word document for reference. Again all .40S&W. I know there’s some 9mm data loaded too. Post it guys! ;D

Remington 155 gr. JHP
Sub 2k 1431 fps energy 704 ftlbs
Sig 229 1188 fps 485 ftlbs

Winchester 165 gr FMJ
Sub 2k 1212 fps 538 ftlbs
Sig 229 1017 fps 379 ftlbs

Speer 180 gr Gold Dot HP
Sub 2k 1163 fps 540 ftlbs
kahr p40 976 fps 380 ftlbs

Federal Personal Defense 135 gr hydrashok
sub 2k 1493 fps 667 ftlbs
Kahr 1204 fps 434 ftlbs

Hornady 180 gr XTP
Sub 2k 1184 fps 560 ftlbs

Remington 165 gr Golden Sabre
Sub 2k 1324 fps 642 ftlbs

Federal 180 gr Hydra shok
Sub 2k 1205 fps 580 ftlbs

Speer 155 gr FMJ
Sub 2k 1157 fps 460 ftlbs

Federal American Eagle 180 gr FMJ
Sub 2k 1036 fps 429 ftlbs

Found this in KTOG forum strictly .40 Cal data, thought this would be helpful for the .40 crew


Hst’s are awesome. I just bought a couple hundred rounds of golden sabers so I’ll have a report momentarily. Browning defensive loads are pretty good, sig vcrowns are rediculously accurate and have a good mushroom.
And always, hornadys for the win


12 shots, golden sabre .40


These 3 targets were shot 10/24/18 with S2K .40 LAX 180gr reloads, 25 yds the left orange bull is a primary arms AMDS, the right orange bull Viridian green laser, the gray bull factory sights


50yds, golden Sabres, sighting in a vortex venom


LAX .40 180gr reloads 50/100 yds 5-8mph wind right to left.

. Primary arms AMDS. 50 yd groups shot in about 3 seconds.
click on picture to open


https://www.ammoboard.com/handgun-ammo/40-s-w-ammo/ammotech-40-s-w-ammunition-civil-defense-241230001-60-grain-hollow-point-fragmenting-case-of-500-rounds/ (free shipping, must buy 2)

https://www.outdoorlimited.com/handgun-ammo/40-s-w-ammo/40-s-w-ammunition-241230001-60-grain-solid-copper-hollow-point-case-of-500-rounds/ (slightly cheaper, paid shipping).

This appears to be a run of Liberty Civil Defense ammo. It’s quite cheap for .40 at the moment, but Liberty Ammo in .40 (60gr hollow points) has been Chrono’d at around 2000fps for a handgun and 2500 out of a 16" barrel.

As I understand it, that 2500 is above the threshold needed to turn the temporary would cavity into a permanent one. I’ve ordered 1000, as it’s cheaper than normal bulk .40, and plan to test it. If it’s reliable in the Sub, this would be perfect and turn the Sub into a much more effective gun–basically firing slow rifle rounds instead of hot pistol rounds.


As a follow up, the 50 gr 9mm moving about the same speed definitely penetrates IIIa armor.

Paul Harrell did a video on the 9mm and found some POI differences, but with an optic that wouldn’t be a big issue. He also pointed out the weight difference–with .40 it’s less than half the weight of a normal round, which adds up if you’re carrying a lot.


Thanks so much for the turn on.
As mentioned and documented earlier in this thread i liked LAX 180gr reloads. MOVE OVER LAX
I took delivery of 1000 LAX the same day as reading this post.
Well here are targets shot today with FRESH OFF THE UPS TRUCK ammo.

Out of both guns the sound is much crisper. The recoil is there but lots better perceived control as is evidenced from the upper right target which is LAX.
the top left target is Frankeinstein S2K with red dot@25 yds
the lower target is with SIGLITE sights on a P226@15yds

I have now purchased 1500 of these BUZZERs
It is not body armor but edges of the POI are so defined.


I’m hoping to try mine soon. They’re crazy light, and I figured that would improve the recoil impulse. If you have access to a chronograph I’d be curious what FPS they get to, as in theory it should be around 2500. Should be more flat shooting at range and absolutely devastating if it hit a person.

It changes the Sub2k a bit, in theory, making it a more viable SHTF gun. Light, powerful ammo which can share mags with a handgun is a compelling option.

Even at 2500 its not replicating 5.56 ballistics, but it’s penetrating soft body armor and should create permanent wound cavities, if I understand that right.


But it’s probably better ballistics than you would get from a short barreled AR pistol.


Especially a 5.56. I’ve got a compact .300BLK at 8" that probably does better, but I’ll never understand the people getting 5" 5.56 ARs for serious work.


not until I have time to go to an outside range. I am wanting to !!!

I have a feeling the more I handle my 226 the happier I will be :boot::boot::boot::football::football::football::football:
Only on intermediate distance to 50-100 yds it it still hitting pretty close (1.5 MOA)

There is a noticable difference in flight sound.

only close up work !!!

I am waiting for the return of my RUGER AR556 MPR from factory work on the gas block/tube. issue
more to come later, in a different thread.

An update. I have readsome of the background of the development of the nickle coated copper round that I have come to like, asmentioned above.
I was wondering Why .20/rd. as opposed to the $1.00+ for every other caliber.
As it turns out the ammo purchased from the above noted source is a RUAN offering with RWS cases.
And the markings on the box as lot #002, Part#241320001 was probably manufactured 2012/2013.

This info comes from folks @ Liberty Ammo. It Still shoots real nice !!!

As soon as I can get a radar chrony set up I will see FPS.