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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


Having a bit of a time finding reloading data on the 45/70 +p rounds, for the Lehigh 305 gr Brass Xtreme Penetrator and for the 9mm xtreme defender copper round. all my shooters bibles are older, thease bullets didnt exist then.LOL. if i cant find it online, and so far i haven’t, im going to have to bite the bullet so to speak and buy a loaded box to tear one down…and at 55$ plus shipping on the 45/70, that will sting a bit for a box of 20 so the hunt continues


@GOBLIN Did you try www.leighdefense.com/pages/leigh-defense-load-data-library


@Don68 not yet but i will check thanx!


Federal announced their new Syntech PCC ammo at Shot Show. I’m excited to test it out!


Man, is there any other pistol caliber that is developing new designs as much or more than 9mm? So this Syntech was designed specifically for carbine length barrel - I wasn’t aware anything else was but in the description it says… “So what’s different about Syntech PCC from the other pistol caliber carbine ammunition options available?” Is that suggesting there are others or just referring to all 9mm in general I wonder.


I know some of the old KTW rounds could penetrate a vest,under certain conditions, but the majority would actually slow down due to friction on the teflon/poly coating. but , do you think these will fire up the old “cop Killer” crap from the anti-gunners and press a handfull of years ago? (bout the time they took talons off the market)

(*note not talking about actual penetrator rounds with the insert)

I can see the actual validity of the polycoat rounds at the old style indoor ranges, less spawl and fragments bouncing around…

but i hate to get into a new round/bullet loadout, only to have it taken off the market by inaccurate press…

Lil thing that makes you go HUMMMMMM moment with the underwood/lehigh ammo i just picked up for the 45, solid copper bullet from lehigh. yet on the box, it states,"product may contain LEAD which may be harmful to your health/keep out if the reach of children…"not only for the lead warning but if i use the defensive ammo for its intention it definatly harmful to someones health… made me scratch my head LOL


The poly coat is being pushed as cleaner and prevents metal on metal contact with the barrel. Cleaner is greener and better for the environment is the selling point it appears.


LOL lead comes out of the ground to begin with but putting it back is bad for the environment. Don’t eat range dirt lol…


maybe i should get the “contains LEAD” tattoo’d on my butt ,:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
with the shrapnel ive got, I cant fly into the state of California, I would have to be shipped in by truck… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::smiling_imp:(sorry Kona, for the derail brother, Im on a roll :metal::metal::metal:)


LOL @GOBLIN I started this thread so I guess I can give you permission to roll on brother! :rofl: :metal:


my two mcarbo feedramp modded Sub2000s have eaten the WWB and yellowbox UMC 9mm from Wallyworld. I’ve also put several types of jacketed hollowponts through it and its eaten though everything so far,


@TriggerHappy Thank you for this post. I’m a fan of Paul Harrell. He is a straight forward tell it how it is guy. And this video was perfect for answering some questions floating around in the back of my head.


@Gatekeeper Paul Harrell is awesome and has the best targets! :+1:


My local DNR 100yd rifle range was part of the Delaware Dam State Park. the range was old (i think from stories I heard like 60 yrs)
DNR was going to upgrade the facility, but part of the upgrade was to move the old backstop soil to the new site but EPA nicked that in the bud because the backstop soil was “contaminated”.
The range was shut down and the upgrade terminated.

THere went my local shot spot!


@GOBLIN some more info on Seismic ammo here…


My sub2k eats anything put in it i use alot of blazer brass fmj for practice and since upgrading all internals with mcarbo parts i pratice alot have never had any ftf or any problems what so ever


@Turmeric1, @TriggerHappy,
The shooting club I’m a member of spends about $40,000.00 every couple years on lead remediation. The range gets shut down for about a week and a company comes in and removes all lead/copper from the berms then rebuilds the berms. To me, it’s a waste of money. I could see maybe cleaning it up if we were to sell the property, but we have been here since 1936 and there are no plans to move.


This comment may be in here, but: I was talking to the tech department at CCI/Blazer today, and they told me something interesting. He said they are putting warnings on their aluminum ammo to NOT use it in carbines. I haven’t seen this on a box, but I don’t have any new-new boxes. Also, it came about from AR-type carbines, but… What caused me to call them in the first place was some strange goings-on with some of their ammo, and the topic came up.


Guys I just accidentally bought 1000rds of federal aluminum cased ammo thinking it was brass. It was a good deal so i jumped on it and didn’t realize it was aluminum cased. Is this ok to run through the sub2000?


I would not run it through mine. I am a big fan of aluminum for many things that are not pistol brass; we call it brass for a reason. The pressure curve on your carbine is 3 times longer tham the curve the aluminum pistol brass was designed to survive. Al will not spring back; you will experience stuck cases.

Run it through a pistol you don’t love or sell it off. I have run a bit of steel case brass on occasion, but I won’t run Al brass through anything I own.