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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


Our SWAT team qualified with Glock 19s at 50 yards. We (not SWAT) have fired 150 grain sub sonic and 160 grain standard out to 120 yards with ok accuracy from the KT Sub2000 model 2. Though we have done zero ballistics or gel testing. I have suggested that those that want to carry, use Sig V crown 147 grain standard pressure.

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Hello Everyone.
I recently did my own chrono testing. I was curious about what kind of performance I would get out of various ammos and various guns. I used a bone stock S&W shield (my preferred carry gun), a bone stock glock 19, and my fully Mcarbo-ed Sub2k. This was just for fun, to see how much of an increase in velocity I would get. I stayed very consistent with the muzzle 10 feet from the chrono, and all shots within about a half hour. I thought y’all would be interested in seeing the results

FYI, this was also a reliability test for the S2k. I fired well over 700 rounds (hard and fast) last week with no cleaning, vast majority was cheap Russian steel cased. Not. One. Failure.

My Practice Reload = 124gr cast lead, powder coated, over 4.5gr power pistol

Barnaul Milspec = 115gr FMJ steel cased

Wolf Polyformance = 115gr FMJ steel cased

Sellier & Bellot = 115gr JHP

Horady Critical Defense = 115gr JHP

Federal HST = 124gr JHP

Remington Golden Saber = 147gr JHP


@graemewil Thanks for taking the time to share your results with the Brotherhood. :+1:


@graemewil Thank you very much - that was exactly the kind of data I was fishin’ for way back when I started this thread. Also Paul Harrell Just posted up an excellent (as always) video on this topic. :+1:


GECO ammo any good???


i buy either locally reman FMJ or cheap WWWWB FMJ (Wally World Winchester White Box)…

haven’t had a failure yet…

(i keep my weapons clean - perhaps not ‘Marine Clean™’ but pretty clean

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I like the Federal brass and speer lawman 115gr. Can get 1000 rounds for $219 and $197 respectively. Both are very consistent in velocity and grouping.

I save the hollowpoints for the pistol FMJ is ideal for a carbine. :grin:


Pretty good deal for Blazer Brass 124 or 115 gr at Bi Mart $8.97 per box of 50. Have not had a FTF or FTE in over a year. Seems to be relatively clean burning.


AMMO SUPPLY WHAREHOUSE !!! $189.00 per1000 124 or 115 grain Good folks


Natchez - $169/1000 115-gr FMJ w/free s/h - expires like, uh, today

(i also buy my 9mm from a young veteran running a reloading business, so i’m good)

on the Gulf of Mexico


This is where I get almost all my bulk ammo. Nice family run business, good prices and prompt shipping.


SG is great. Large selection. Super fast,secure delivery. Yes, NO large ammo signage.


I shoot Federal champion fmj at the range. 100 round box is $16.97 at Wally world. I use Federal HST or Federal Hydra shok for self defense rounds in 50 round boxes @ GT distributors $19.97 per box. They work in both the 9mm pistol and the S2K.


This set of ballistics tests is where I found my carry round. You can realign the column order to suit your criteria.

I settled on the 9mm Federal Premium 147grain HST JHP P9HST2 for a defensive round. And Federal American Eagle 147 grain flat nose for practice.(they spec out the same on the box but the JHP definitely has more umph)
Though I’ve starting shooting Geco 124grain lately and it runs very nicely.


Here’s another set of tests done with various pistol carbines, including the sub2000, showing velocity gains or losses for various ammo types.


I been thinking of getting some of these in 9mm, and loading to std spec…Lehigh xtreme defense, 90 gr, box of 50 bullets from midway 32.99$ you can get std velocity from underwood, but its $28.99 for a box of 20 :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

:joy::joy::joy:I just found it for 9mm MAK as well…


Posted by @GOBLIN in the shot show thread. New 185 gr. 9mm round not on the market yet that sounds very interesting but at $1.38 (?) a pop they ain’t gonna be cheap.


Not a lot of info out there at this point - can’t wait to see some ballastic testing on these…


@TriggerHappy that to me looks like a 2 piece case wonder whats actually cookin out the power in the red section?:+1::+1::+1: remember the caseless H&K ammo they were testing? im wondering if its not a solid propellant in the red section… im jonesin’ to take one apart…
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@GOBLIN Yea, there is a lot of speculation in the comments to that video about the charge and wether or not the cases are reloadable etc., I am very curious too.

Another very interesting new cartridge here… sure seems like there has been a lot of “radical” new 9mm designs the last few years… :smiley: :+1:

“In this video we test the new 108gr MHP (Monolithic Hollow Point) from Norma which is touted as likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world”, and it lives up to that with nearly a full one inch expansion from a .355" projectile diameter which is very impressive…"