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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


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When ammo are on the cheap, life is good.

Anyone bought from Valley Ammo and had any experience with their ammo? I’ve done some research and seems like they’re affiliated with Freedom Munition. Ammo seek, they have one of the best deals out there, hence why many of their bulk ammo are out of stock. Any feedback is appreciated. TIA.


@cygee yes I have used most of the sellers from ammoseek, I’m not picky I use whichever is cheapest on the ammo I like to buy lol


I have used brass and steel in my Sub2K. I have had a few problems in the beginning. I talked to some local Sub owners and they indicated this will stop after the initial break in period. I am running Glock Factory Mags along with Pmags and ETS mags. As stated in another topic discussion, I have had trouble with the ETS brand mags. I called customer service and followed their directions. It appears they are working fine for now.


Best 9mm ammo for the S2K?

I do not recco the “range-grade” ammo from FedArm.com. But I have no problems with their regular grade ammo.


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@BiteYaHard How are the Ammo Valley particularly 9mm 147 grain reman ammo? How does it perform? TIA.


@Cygee I usually shoot 115-124 grain, most of the 147 stuff I have shot was old left random overs from a big bulk ammo purchase I made from a local guy. Sorry, I wish I had info for you on the ammo valley 147.


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Finally got my S2K out for the first time after it trip back to mother factory for a new bbl. I didn’t count but put something oround 2oo ends on my home brewed 147gr blue bullets sitting on titegroup thru it and a couple Glocks ( 17, 34, and 26) everything liked the load so time for full production :+1::grin:


I was at the range over this past weekend. Ran 200 ++ rounds through the SubK. Ran brass and steel. No feeding issues or ejection issues. I was testing the new trigger assembly. It ran great. I do not have much steel case ammo left. Will be brass from here on out. Since the big W stopped selling steel cased 9 mm, it is almost impossible to get in my area unless you order it on the net. With shipping, it is more than brass ammo.


I’ve been practicing with NATO spec 124gr FMJ as I bought 2000 rounds. For carry, I use Federal HST 124gr +P or Speer Gold Dots 124g +P also.

Soooooooo, because I have so much ammo in 9mm in higher pressure (NATO and +P), I run it in my S2K.

I’ve run about 500 FMJ of FMJ and 50 of each defensive round in many random configs. Magazines filled with random (NATO, NATO, HST, GD, HST, GD, HST, HST, NATO, HST… You get the idea) ammo, trying to get a malfunction; they all worked perfectly.

To date, no FTE, FTF, Hangfires/light strikes. Zero Malfunctions… ZERO!

Reliability is on par with my Glock pistols; and we all know that they’re reliable.

Lastly, +P rounds work awesome in the S2K. I’ve got a box of speer +p+ and I’ve even ran mags of FMJ with a couple +P+ rounds in there. I would NOT run +p+ all the time - I like to use it as a ‘standard’ for recoil and flash. I honestly don’t care if the rifle wears at an increased rate, they’re 399 or less and convenient as hell!


Would be nice to see some of these type of rounds run through a chronograph with the sub2k. Interesting to know what kind of velocity increases we are getting over handguns.


Dane, I’d like to know also. Since I’m NOT an engineer, I can only speculate here; this rifle is 40cal or 9mm. 40cal is certainly a higher pressure than 9mm. Based on that, I’m carefully assuming that +P is fine to run all day long. Using the +P+ in a pistol, I notice quite a bit of unburned powder leaving the barrel. If I had to guess, I’d say NATO and +P would be about 1300 minimum and up to 1450 fps, maybe even 1500 based on youtube vids.
EDIT: Apparently the rounds I stated above go too fast out of the S2K resulting in the bullet fragmenting and not penetrating as much. (think firing 5.56 into water; they go a couple inches before disintegrating while a slow round can make it 10 feet or more.)


Ok … I will drag out the chronograph on Monday (next shooting opportunity). I can get you velocities on:

HST 147g
Gold Dot 147g
and I might be able to scare up some HST 124g +Ps

I haven’t had the S2k out with the chrono. I will take the 4.25" M&P to get you some points of comparison.

I downloaded the bluetooth control stuff for my Labradar last night, so … time to dust of the Labradar.


I can’t wait for some good data!

I’ve been doing a lot of digging. For a 16" barrel, +p rounds are just no good from what I’m finding. The only place +p rounds MIGHT shine is in really long distances AND only if the round is used in a faster rifling.

Defensively, the best bet is going to be 147 grain and 124 grain HST/Gold Dots in standard pressure.

I think federal and speer should design a round for 16" carbines. They’ve certainly gotten it right with pistol barrels!

Federal now has a 150 grain round that’s been designed to run up to proper velocities before exiting a “sub sub compact barrel” (Glock43/Shield/etc). I’d hoard up on a proper nasty carbine 9mm round! (Hear me Federal!)

Dred: The affordable 50 count boxes of the HSTs that normally come in the expensive 20 round box are PN: P9HST3


Thanks for the part number. I grab HSTs 500 rounds at a time in the 50 round boxes - had 500 rounds land this week from Bone Frog Gun Club. My Gold Dots come from a 1000 round bulk police police trade in box I sourced through Gun.Deals .

I also tend to favor standard pressure ratings. I do consider the NATO FMJ as standard pressure - it’s not, but it’s rated using a measurement system that does not translate linearly to SAMMI ratings so it lacks a +P designation. I generally scoop the NATO stuff for 20¢ a round locally.

I’ve favored HSTs for several years, but I got the Gold Dots to experiment with the newer polymer filled cavities. Sometime soon I’m gonna do a ballistic play day - Paul Harrel style.


A long while ago, I got a couple boxes of the Hornady Critical Duty (because of price) only to find out that the lead is super hard and that the bullets are designed to handle car doors and windshields. They don’t perform as well as the Critical Defense with the softer lead.

I was going to shoot the Crit. Duty rounds to free up some space in my safe. Now, with what I’ve learned over the last few days, these C.Duty rounds might just perform very well in a 16" barrel.

Have you got some to test? If not, I’d send you a box if you’d test them as well!


I think these velocities are a bit high. Most of the research I have seen states you will get about a 20% increase in velocity out of a 16 inch barrel over a 4inch handgun. Regarding excessive fragmentation, I’d suggest going with a bonded base bullet, that should reduce or eliminate that problem.


Anyone looking forward to more data than you actually expect … my apologies. Momma (mother nature) didn’t want me to shoot today so she dumped a couple inches of water in a couple hours this afternoon.

Chrono, Tripod, S2k, M&P, mags and ammo remain packed. I’ll shoot tomorrow if I can get my work out of the way quickly enough.

@Dane … don’t put to much faith in any rules of thumb. There are enough variables in play that none of the “rules” are gonna net you a result worth quoting. At least, this is my experience when I ran these tests for 460 Rowland, 45ACP and 10mm. If you wanna get extra real, carbine velocities are going to exceed the working velocity of some projectiles - the only way to know if it’s gonna be effective is to make noise and investigate.

@BlackWolf42 … the only SD rounds I have in 9mm are HST and Gold Dots. Happy to collect data for you - we can discuss via PM if you like.

Good money suggests you may be a budding hand loader. Optimizing a load to a specific firearm is very possible. A few years ago I had maybe 7 5" 1911s in 45ACP. My 45ACP load left something on the table in each of the pistols but worked well in all of them. If you are running a paired handgun/S2k combo - having ammo specific to each sorta spoils the platform’s versatility 'cause you will no longer get double duty from the ammo you are carrying.

Finally, I would be surprised if the ideal compromise load in the M&P pair is not different from the ideal compromise load in a Glock. The only folks I know that don’t deal with compromise are successful competition shooters, long range hunters, top tier snipers and OCD Retirees. The rest of us get excited if it’ll get the job done.