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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


AMMOSEEK.COM is a great shopping tool for online ammo purchases, you can type in specs you are looking for and they will give you price per round and let you know delivery for each seller.


I think you are correct, I have heard of people with this issue polishing the bolt or cutting a few coils off the recoil spring. It helped in some cases and you really have to be cautious when you lighten the recoil spring, it could cause excessive wear and tear when using heavier loads.


Mine ran 100% with everything I tried, both before and after the M*CARBO upgrades. The upgrades definitely made it shoot/feel better, but the reliability was already there. I sure hope it comes back with that same reliability after the barrel recall. I always settle on the 115gr stuff for target shooting from Wallyworld since we’re there almost every weekend anyway and it’s still pretty cheap and readily available.


The only trouble I’ve had was with aluminum. I contacted Kel tec about it and they said that it won’t hurt the rifle it just doesn’t feed as well.


It’s not uncommon to have a FTE malfunction from a steel extractor claw ripping right through the weaker aluminum rim of a fired case. It gets even worse with a slightly rough/dirty chamber which would be more likely to cause the fired case to stick a bit upon extraction.


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I like this :+1: We should start a “Screamin’ deal and discount code alert thread!!”


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I have tried and chron’d the 65 gr underwood out of my gen 2. Good news and bad news. I don’t think I can post videos or pics yet, I think this is my first post. But good news is, get this, 2315 fps avg for 5 rounds over my Caldwell! About 780 ft-lbs! I have a video shooting a laundry detergent container full of water and another identical with a 55 gr 5.56 pressure from a 16" ar15. The underwood seemed to explode with more force! Now the bad news, accuracy is awful. About 4-5 inches at 25 yds and 10" or more at 50yds with strange horizontal stringing. For comparison Winchester white box has about a 3" group at 50. Devastating ammo out to 25 yds with 50 being the max.



Can’t get this ammo any more but, civil defense 50gr…2700fps! I only have a few rounds left so no accuracy tests but I wouldn’t expect it to retain velocity or accuracy at distance.


For those situations, use what LE uses. Most agencies from local to federal have used the Winchester Ranger SXT, 147 gr in 9mm and 165 or 180 in 40 cal.These haven’t just been tested on the range, they’ve been tested on the street, where it counts. SXT aren’t always available to the general public, many distributors restrict them to LE only. A great alternative is the Winchester PDX-1 Bonded. I would suggest the 147 gr in 9mm. With the higher velocity from a sub2k barrel you will get all the power and expansion you will need.


I only run all brass FMJ on all my firearms. For defense I like critical defense. For target it’s whatever is on sale.


Hells yeah

Lately I’ve been buying bulk from FedArm.com ; they have all the usual suspects, caliber-wise. None of the funky stuff though but that’s what keeps their prices down. For 9mm I’m paying 15 cents a round and 5.56mm it’s 20 cents a round.

I’m surprised every time I go to a gunshow how the bulk ammo guys seem to be hiking their prices, not lowering them. I thought the Trump Slump was affecting them too?


agreed @BobListy I only run brand new brass FMJ at the range unless I’m testing out a new defense round


Highly recommend SG. You’re a fan of .45, like me. I’ve gotten FMJ Fiocchi & S&B for as low as .23 per rd. They charge for delivery but it is fast & discreet.


My experience as well, got three ammo cans of blazer bread 115g from Field & Steam before they turtled to the anti gun crowd. No issues with that practice ammo in the back yard. I load Remington 147g BJHP when not practicing.


I’ve been using the Underwood 147 grain +P+ with good success. Of course make sure you do not have one of the recalled barrels.


Kel-Tec does not recommend using +P or +P+ loads according to the letter sent back with recalled barrels.


Probably should have pointed out that we are testing it. We are also looking at possibly sourcing someone to make an after market barrel. Of course this is like adding diamonds to lead jewelry. For a non recall barrel. 147 grain +P+ has the same pressure as Hornady’s 135 grain Duty round.