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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


Steel is softer than brass/aluminum? News to me. LOL


Also, if I remember right, doesn’t Kel-Tec also recommend not shooting aluminum cased ammo?


@wedge Hey you know I mean :wink:


:joy: What about the aluminum stuff, though. If it’s true that Kel-Tec doesn’t recommend it, what’s the reason for that? Extractor claw ripping through the rim or something?


Me too, I know they don’t recommend Aluminum cases, but I didn’t know they didn’t want steel. :cowboy_hat_face:


Aluminum cases suck if you have a slightly rough chamber. Or, sometimes even with a normal smooth chamber. The case expands and “fire forms” to the inside of the chamber when fired and can stick some. The steel extractor hook can rip right through the softer aluminum rim and then the fun begins with trying to pick it out of the chamber or running a wood dowel down the barrel.


I like federal ammo. Found a nice store that sells HST 124gr for $19.99 for 50rds.:cowboy_hat_face: IMG_20180423_211736974_HDR%20(640x480)IMG_20180423_211746239_HDR%20(640x480)


Tulammo steel case no issues ever


Do they do on-line sales? That’s the exact pistol ammo I carry. Love it.


yes GT distributors. they are online https://www.gtdist.com/ :cowboy_hat_face:


Here is some interesting data…

Some surprising results in these tests…


Thanks for that link! Of course they’re out of 147gr. But I went ahead and bookmarked them.

This is about the best deal I have come up with otherwise. ($23.97)


Thank you for posting those videos. Great information there, might have to check out the cor-bon ammo. I really like federal hst. If you can get 10mm performance out of a 9mm using the Sub2000 WOW. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yea I wish there were more extensive gel tests with PCC’s and a variety of ammo. People in the comments were practically begging for HST 147gr. to be tested.


I’m not sure that I have shot any of the 147gr. I know that I have shot 124gr. Can you tell the difference between them. I know there is a small difference from 115 to 124. :cowboy_hat_face:


I think it recoils a little softer I chose the 147gr HST largely based on this guy’s test series for 3" 9mm barrels (S&W Shield is my primary CC pistol)…

The standard pressure 147gr. performed the best in expansion and weight retention but didn’t penetrate quite as well as the 147gr. +P which didn’t expand quite as well. All the 9mm HST’s performed very well. Not sure how well those results carry over to the longer 5" barrels of our full framed pistols. There are definitely some differences with the 16" carbine length but there doesn’t to be an abundance of data there.


Also 147 gr. is subsonic and popular with those with suppressed 9mm’s


Most of the 9mm ammo I shoot is sub sonic. :us:


When I bought my SUB-2000 in 9mm, I went to the official Kel-Tec forum and researched ammo. The consensus there was lighter the better, like 90 gr. no +P, for sure. My experience is that it will shoot anything. If I must recommend anything, it’s T1 Ammo’s 124 gr. competition grade PCC 9mm ammunition. Pricey but very good.


Mine eats the cheap 115gr WWB stuff from Wallyworld like candy. Zero issues. Seems like a mixed bag, though. Some people on the facebook forum said theirs would run with the heavier stuff. IMO, if it won’t run with 115gr target ammo, something’s up with it.