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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


That’s some pretty danged expensive stuff for plinking ammo. LOL


They did a test on federal HST and found that at a 3" barrel the round didn’t open all the way. From a longer barrel like a 5" or more the velocity increases and the head opens to the designed levels. If you have a short barreled pistol they recommend using +P ammo to get the proper results if your barrel is designed to handle +P.


I use Federal FMJ 115gr and it works great, no FTF,FTE, just good fun times shooting.


The hst have a great rep with short barrels, shooting the bull tried standard and +p in 124 and 147 with great results in a 3" barrel


I like ordering from SGammo because it doesn’t arrive on my front porch with the word AMMO printed in 4" letters on the side of the box like boxes from other suppliers.


Hopefully, people won’t know what ORM-D is, though. :slight_smile:


That and it’s usually at the door within 4-5 days max, unlike 2+ weeks like other places (freedom munitions)


dherrie Freedom Munitions is a small scale manufacturer…

“Freedom Munitions is proud to offer high quality new and remanufactured ammunition utilizing the highest grade components available. All of our ammunition is manufactured in-house at our factory in Idaho and we have a team of experienced customer service representatives ready to assist you.”

SGammo (who I like and also purchase from) is a retailer…


not a big fan of online ammo, but I will check these folks out. thank you for sharing


SGAmmo.com is my go to for all my ammo. It’s usually delivered with 4-5 days.


TriggerHappy, I use to love freedom munitions, they are defiantly high quality, I just lost some respect after some false purchases ( selling items they don’t have) and of took me contacting them much later after partial order completed just for them to tell me they were canceling it. They did give a coupon code. But I have other similiar occurances as well, especially after their Black Friday marketing. There stuff is good, but with their increased popularity they have drastically increased their prices when others have stayed consistent. I still check them for deals but rarely find them anymore, or when I do they are immediately sold out.


Also seems like they are a little more than just a small manufacturer as they carry a decent selection of other main stream ammo now days. I liked them more when they just carried their stuff and a few accessories as they kept their prices low


Factory made on-line ammo is no different than in-person ammo.


dherrie Fair enough - I appreciate the feedback. I did just have an issue with an order that should have had free shipping. After a couple emails they refunded my $…


I have used tulammo 9mm exclusively for range and keep it ready with 124 grain HST.


Blazer 124gr is what I like the most for competition. A mix between 115 and 147 is a good place to be.


is the tulammo brass cased or steel? All I have shot in my S2K is brass cased.:cowboy_hat_face:


Kel-Tec suggests to NOT use steel cases ammo in a sub2000


Why is that? Chamber wear, extractor claw breaks off, etc?


Steel cases is a softer metal. Chamber Tolerance