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Best 9mm Ammo For S2k?


I’ve been wondering what the Ideal 9mm ammo would be for the Sub in a CQB/active shooter scenario with it’s higher velocity and pressure(?) that 9mm wasn’t necessarily(?) designed for?? Am I being dum or over thinking this? I’m no ballistic genius by any means…

Help with information on what ammo to use
SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?

I would think any home defense round would work great. I’ve really like the Speer gold dots. The hollow point is relatively small and won’t jam in any of my 9mm. I have some others with a wider HP opening that feed well in my Sub 2K, but jam in my Browning Hi-Power.


Mine ate everything 100% from cheap Wallyworld white box ammo to expensive +p hollowpoints like Federal 147gr HST.

Well, it did before its trip back to Kel-Tec for the barrel recall. So, guess the jury’s out on that one until I can test it all over again. :roll_eyes:


I really like the Sig Elite HP IN 124 gr for actual home defense. For range practice, I love the GECO 115 gr. Now MADE IN THE US! IDPA certified, you can P/U a thousand rds at Aim Surplus for UNDER $200.00, with shipping included! Not a “dirty rd by any means!


I keep mine loaded with Hornady Critical Defense , and use Blazer Brass for practice and training. Have not had any problems with either one.


For practice any decent factory round nose (watch for sales). For defense, it’s very hard to find anything better than the Federal HST standard velocity, 124 or 148 grain. Hard to find and there’s a reason. +P ammo should not be fired in the Sub2K.


After probably a 1000 rounds, and numerous brands, I have never had a malfunction of any kind, with any 9mm ammo. I’ve never shot for groups, but the Sub has always held (more or less) fist sized groups at 25m, so for me… the best ammo is what’s in the gun at the time.


An interesting option is subsonic and hence quiet ammo. I’ve tested fiocchi and PPU 9mm 158gr in my gen2 sub and when combined with a linear comp from kvp it’s a surprisingly quiet (100% reliable in 200 rounds) combination…far less damaging to the ears that any 115-147gr 9mm in the event you need to shoot without ear pro. Would attract far less attention. Sure it’s down on power compared to those other loads but low noise is something the sub can do that’s unique. If I want power and am ok with noise I’ll grab a different platform.

The fiocchi is a flat nose which is slightly more effective than the PPU round rose on tissue. Ideally we’d have a hollow point option…maybe someday. I’ve yet to chrono the 158s but expect energy in the neighborhood of 22wmr in a rifle with way less noise. 165gr should be even quieter

At the range my sub eats everything but I’ve found the aguila 124 shoots pretty tight groups in all my 9mm firearms


I have had no issues with any 9mm ammo fed thru my sub2000.


I’ll toss out one more oddball here as others have already mentioned hst and gold dot. Enough active shooters have worn body armor to warrant considering high velocity ammo. One of the best factory loads in 9mm for the sub that might defeat body armor is this stuff


Assuming it feeds well an advertised 1800fps for a pistol would be screaming fast in a carbine. Another one I’d like to chrono…time for another Underwood order and a range trip…


My Kel-Tec eats any ammo I feed it regardless of the type. I typically use both reloads and factory fresh from Freedom Munitions and LAX Ammo. White box federals are fine. Anything from 115-147 grain, no problem.


I use Federal Champion FMJ 9mm for practice, Federal Hydra-shok and Federal HST for defense rounds all brass casings. They work well in the S2K 9mm(S&W) and my S&W 9mm. Plus I enjoy having two weapons and common magazines.


MrCoffee After much internet research I settled on the HST 147gr. standard pressure for my carry ammo and use Freedom Munitions 147gr. RN for practice. It’s just a little over $11.00/box. :grinning::+1:


FunnyBone Yea that’s along the lines I am thinking. That and do hollow points expand properly or fragment at higher velocity’s. Big fan of Underwood ammo and I have some of the extreme defenders to experiment with but I haven’t seen much info/videos of 9mm carbine gel or meat target tests.


I’ve had pretty good results with Federal 115 gr. Brass


Bought a 1000 rounds of Blazer Brass last year for the range. Thrown about 1/3 down range with the S2K. NO FTF or FTE yet.


Same here. Mine ate everything before just sending it back to Kel-Tec for the barrel recall. Hope it returns the same way. On the FB forum, a lot of people seemed to think it was okay for theirs to choke on light 115gr target ammo like the Winchester white box stuff from Walmart as long as it ran on heaver 147gr NATO type stuff. IMO, that’s not okay at all. It should feed everything. Mine did and so do a lot of other peoples’ SUB2000s.


I have been favoring the white box winchester NATO 124 grain along with the winchester brown box with steel casings, never had any probs. Pretty much eats anything I feed it. :sunglasses:


SGammo.com has the Federal HST in stock almost always in 9mm and .45 and excellent price as well.


Agreed, I don’t love my Sub because it’s pretty! I love it because it runs… all the time, period. I generally buy the cheapest 115gr I can find and shoot hundreds of rounds at a time. If it became ammo sensitive, I don’t think I’d want it anymore.