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Best 50rd Drum Mag For 9mm?

hey, just ordered the full internal upgrades for the S2K, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good reliable drum mag, seems like people either love theirs or hate them. I would rather not waste the money on something that is fun at the range, but just not reliable. What do you guys think?



Justin they are a lot of fun, but just like any ‘toy,’ you have to keep them well-maintained. They get dirty and don’t function as well after you use them for a while. Follow recommendations and get one that has the best reviews and warranty. Putting 32 rounds in something could be just as fun without the maintenance? It is just my humble opinion. Happy and safe shooting, my friend!


Gun Mag Warehouse has the drum magazines for the Glock 17 pistols which will work in the SUB2000 provided that you don’t have the Multi-Mag version.


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Classic Firearms has one for 45 bucks. Its Korean called a RWB(red white and blue). They also have 32 round stick mags (same brand) for 8.99 apiece on sale. Considering the extra bulk of the drums I’ll take sitck mags in a cargo pocket any day but it does make a cool looking range toy.

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