M*CARBO Brotherhood

Berettta Storm CX_4

Here’s a question for all you Brothers. What is with the cx-4. I own one and love it. It is one of my favorite firearms and part of my perfect pair. But nobody talks about them there are almost no parts availble for them. Why. Its not a perfect weapon system by far but still pretty damn good. I 've had no failures what so ever, It takes all ammo I feed it and shares mags with my 92A1. I always see guys trying to sell them off at Cabelas. It is accurate and reliable. Overpriced, but what is up with it… What am I missing. Not that it matters because I love mine. Im just looking for some other opinions and Im sure that Im not the only one that owns one. Im just curious


funny you should ask about a storm. heard some 4 wheelers raisin hell on the back side of the swamp, and rolled out of here strapped up. when i got there they were long gone, but I found this where it had bounced out and landed on the edge of the blackwater, lil skuffed up.muddy, full mag one up the pipe, flatnose. shot a magazine of CD hornady’s thru it decent shooter, I need to bump the sight a lil for me, but i called the sheriff, turned it in, and if someone claims it they get popped for trespassing, IF its stolen someone gets their property back,if not i get it back in 30 days. mine. win win
for me. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
not the first firearm ive found out in the weeds…


I wish I could be lucky like that Brother, lol. I would love to find guns for my collection