Beretta m9a1 taurus pt92 fs

Hello everyone from Switzerland. I own a beretta m9a1 full metal and a taurus pt92 fs. I was recently at the shooting range and my shots from the beretta all went into the ground the marksman tried and told me that the trigger is too tight according to the regulations it has to be but very unsuitable for shooting competitions. Now I’ve come across the spring set from m-carbo because I have to order 2 sets right away, it’s cheaper to order directly on the m-carbo homepage. can someone confirm that the trigger set fits both guns? and does anyone have any experience with international shipping? I’m new to the forum and use google translator so don’t stone me


Hi Didi and welcome to the forum.
Nice pistols. Both are nice pistols. I have a 92a1 as well.
I have shipped internationally before, there is a lot of paper work.
I can not confirm the trigger fits both.


Howdy and welcome to the forum. Theres a few other guys around here that have used mcarbo and who live internationally. Best bet for your answer to if springs fit beretta and taurus models would be call or email mcarbo directly. There allways helpful and pretty quick to respond. And someone else here on forum will probably come along with the answer your looking for. Great looking shooters by the way.


I have the kit for my Taurus 92 but I have not installed it yet.

When I asked mcarbo, they said most of the springs were the same but it depends on when it was made. Mine was from 2004 and they said it should work fine.


The kit should work with the Taurus .22, but .22’s can be wildly different depending on whether they are straight blowback or not. I would think the springs might be different for the ejector, slide stop, and trigger bar. In any case, I would highly recommend polishing everything well before installing the kit.

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I have a Taurus PT92 AF-D and it worked perfectly reducing about 2 lbs off of the double action and about 1.6 lbs off of the single action.