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Beretta F92 trigger, guide rod and springs upgrade

I bought a F92 Beretta probably 25 years ago and always thought the double action first trigger pull was way too strong. (20 lb trigger pull I believe - could be wrong). I purchased the upgrade kits for the beretta from mcarbo. I swapped out all the springs, etc. myself. A little tricky but nothing you can’t do. I went with the 14 lb trigger pull. They give you options.

I finally took the time to go out and try it out. I was EXTREMELY happy with how the beretta shot and behaved. It is now the way it should have been at purchase time long ago. This was the best seventy dollars or so that I could have ever spent on a weapon upgrade. Thank you so much mcarbo. If you have a beretta FS92 or F92 you should do all of the upgrades mcarbo has to offer. It is well worth every cent.

Thanks again
Wayne Martin


Welcome aboard @Wayne_H.Martin Couldn’t agree more, well worth the time, effort and modest cost.


Welcome to the forum, Wayne. Of all the pistols I have, my FS92 is still one of my favorites. Mine is 8lb 15oz DA and 4lb 4oz SA out of the box except for polishing. Plenty good enough for me.


Wow that surprises me , I have a Taurus PT 99 AF one of the originals back when they bought the Brazilian plant, That gun will drive a nail from as far as our ability will let us, I would have assumed that Beretta would be spot on stock.


Hello @Wayne_H.Martinand welcome!
congratulations on your upgrade


I did the complete MCARBO Beretta 92FS/M9 upgrade to mine. The results are really nice. When the Army took our 1911’s away and gave us the M9 a lot of us tankers were pretty PO’d. The 1911 was real steel and the M9, well enough said on that. I have it, like it for a 9mm and shoot it. At least it has a hammer and 15 round magazines. Mine is a surplus mil spec so the springs and such were getting tired. I still prefer a solid 1911.


I recently returned to all metal handguns, I picked up a Beretta M9A1, I put around 300 rounds through it before I installed the MCARBO Pro trigger kit. I was so impressed with the results that I purchased a new 92A1 and did the same kit in before even shooting it. I loved the 92A1 so much that I sold the M9A1 to fund my CZ Shadow 2 purchase.

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Welcome to the forum. I have a CZ 75B Omega so I understand the sell one to get another.