Beretta 92fs sight problem

Hello again,
A few years ago I purchased a used Beretta 92fs and as it has turned out, the previous owner apparently had what appear to be night sights installed. Fine and good I remember saying to myself. However, after numerous trips to the range, I noticed that where ever my point of aim happened to be, it always, shot very low. Recently, I wanted to try again. The results were the same. At 12yds, aiming center mass, the bullet strike was consistently 3 to 3.5" low. The windage was dead on however. Has anyone ever experienced this?? More importantly, does anyone have or can suggest a remedy for this? Thanks in advance for any input.

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It sounds like the sights are not for that particular pistol - I’ve seen sights intended for other pistols modified to fit various flavors of Beretta M9/92 series pistols over the years. The most common problem is the height that the sights sit at. With regular irons, you could file the front sight until the PoA and PoI matched at a distance, but with night sights, you’re stuck with just finding sights for your pistol and swapping them out, I believe. It all depends on what the previous owner did with the sights. I’m assuming that your sights aren’t adjustable for elevation?

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Shooting low is a common problem when switching from one pistol to another. This is caused by “trigger jerk”. A longer or heavier pull than you are used to perhaps?

Do you shoot this 92 all the time or just now and then? It seems unlikely a set of sights would not be ‘compatible’ with the 92. If they fit, it’s probably not the wrong sights for the gun. If you were left or right, Then I would say the sights need to be re-aligned.

It could just be muscle memory from shooting another gun. Before doing anything drastic, try shooting from a bag or other rest. See if makes any difference.

I can speak from experience that when I miss a ten foot putt, it is never a problem with the club.


When i shot idpa competition, i noticed that the more firm the grip was always low left. I would suggest trying a more relaxed grip. We tested this theory by shooting 10 yards with hard grip thru light grip and saw as much as 4 inch spread.
Also on the 92 series if i recall there is a rather long finger stretch first shot double action, then transition to a much shorter single action. Somewhat problematic for good shooting.
I would bet it is more an issue of trigger control vs sights.


You assume correctly, the sights are fixed

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Ok. This may sound redundant, but what I would recommend is that you shoot some 5 shot groups at 10 yards with 3 different loads, or at the very least with a single load do an average of 3 5-shot groups from a rest in single-action.

You want to make sure that the sights are the problem before spending money and time. If the groups are printing low consistently from a rest, then you need to find sights for a 92/m9 and install them. The fact that these are night sights precludes the option of filing the front post down.

You could, in theory, find a front sight that sits a bit shorter, but that is going to be a journey that takes a while.

Shoot it from a rest, and if you can, have someone else you trust shoot it from the same rest at the same distance. Once you have eliminated human error (as much as possible), and you’re sure it’s the sights, I would look for new sights.

  • I’m also assuming you have shot different ammunitions through the pistol, and the barrel isn’t severely worn.

Yes - this happens in particular when someone transitions from a single-action pistol to a double-action, such as a revolver, or a DA/SA like the 92/M9. Excellent point.