Be Careful Out There


AS a general rule on Saturday morning at VaTech we would cycle about 30 mile north of town to Just west of Roanoke to the top of a 2.5 mile down hill heade weston Rt 864 and draft the semis on our bicycles ( aboiut 18" behind the left mudflaps just enough out so as to see the mirrors of the cab) slam it into high gear and spin.


i know how you feel bicycles and motorised traffic is hard to mix its years since ive cycled but when i did i got hit once sent 20 feet into air a week in hospital with badly bruised legs and concussion i was one of lucky ones ,but when we had to cycle up hill we wait for a buss and get in its slipstream and your able to keep up with bus @Turmeric1


Awesome! livin in the country with access to the city offerings too :+1: Front wheel drives are really good in the snow if you know how to use them but with any car it is largely about the tire tread for traction and “managing your momentum” and knowing when to use the throttle and steering to “point and shoot” a little bit which can be particularly useful with front drive. :+1:


I got broad sided at an intersection from the left one day. A car had ran a stop sign. I saw it was going to happened so I bounced my bike up onto its hood and slid to the windshield where my pedal cracked it. Thankfully for me no injury.


were both in the lucky ones club @Turmeric1


That is why I did what I did with my son in the frozen parking lots.


i used to drive motorbikes for courier companies and spent hours driving in snow and ice conditions never once did i come off the bike the trick was never use your front brake and most important let some air out of rear wheel the soft @TriggerHappy


In the mountains of Va down around Tech we would take a Austin Healey Sprit on the jeep trails.
Just a skid pan on wheels. when we got stuck in the ruts just pick it up and move it.

VW bugs were also good !


Drafting on a bicycle is brave - I am chicken and want sheet metal cocoon. I once witnessed somebody hit by a car crossing the street - tossed her up onto the roof and her shoes were still on the pavement. Shattered hip and facial lacerations (fractures?). I drove a tow truck for a couple years over in the city and I can tell all sorts of stories of bad scenes :cry:


@hunter1916 if you can drive a motorcycle in the snow you are a Jedi master and I am preaching to the choir my friend lol :sunglasses: :metal:


my son son was in a bad accident a couple of years ago he driving a motor bike car pulled across him he ended up broken pelvis in 2 places broken femar broken wrist and a few other cuts and bruises hes another one for the lucky ones club if call that lucky but he mostly ok now still gets aches and pains from it @TriggerHappy


Oh hellllzzzzzzzz yessss! hahaaha My kind of hillbilly fun! :metal::metal::metal:


it was a mater of having to bills had to be paid no mater what


the fasts ive ever traveled on a bike was138 mph had the girlfriend as pillion and she kept telling me to faster and faster but chickened out when i got to that speed


snow and ice forecasted for tonight and tomorrow so im not going home tonight going to get the bedroll out and sleep on floor in job but hope i can get home tomorrow i have to travel to county kerry the weekend :cloud_with_rain::snowflake::cloud_with_snow::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowman_with_snow:


Bugs are good in the snow but their all-time best snow car-IMO- was a 85-88 VW Quantum Syncro wagon! It was built with the Audi full time AWD system but also had manual locking center AND rear differentials. I only had to lock up the center diff once (after 38 inches of snow in northern WV-I backed into a drift a lil’ too far) but I used the rear rather often. It was built too low to off road very much but in snow-it was unstoppable! It came with Audi’s oddball 5 cylinder engine and got 25 mpg on the highway-if I kept my foot out of it. Wish I still had it but parts for it became unobtanium (they only built around 4500 over the 4 year run) and that was that.


I grew up in Green Bay. Lambeau Field was always a favorite place to do that.


I have never heard of Lambeau Field. It is only a MECCA
YEP that is the area he was in, APPELTON. He played football for XAVIER (4D) in 3 seasons they lost 5 games 2 were @ State SEMIs.
I spent most of my fall '04,5 and 6 weekends there


Another big blow in the Sierras! I80 closed again all day yesterday. Open today but spin outs everywhere. Bout 3 hours to make a 45 minute run😫