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Barrel To Trigger Guard Up And Down Movement

Recently purchased on 4/20/2019. After firing the first 50 rounds The barrel assembly does not re-engage tightly into the trigger guard. There is approx. 1/32" plus/minus of play (movement up and down) between barrel assembly, trigger guard and receiver. Before initial firing, there was no movement, the position was tight. Anyone else have this problem ? Any fixes ?


I’d sent that in to Kel-Tec before shooting it any more. That doesn’t sound good and that hinge joint area is the last place you want any slop.


@kona posted this video in another ‘S2k goes kaBOOOM’ thread. I wonder if this your issue is the prequel to a two piece sub?:thinking:


@neekar @Wedge @Boomchucker both my Gen1 and Gen II ,the lockup it tight with no play when locking in. agree with Scott and JB, call Kel-Tec, and ask, before you have a some assembly required Sub 2000. Every one aint going to be so lucky as having one break apart easy and clean.


I’m paranoid enough about that issue that I never “snap” mine open with any kind of force. In fact, after the coolness factor wore off, I hardly ever fold it anymore. But, when I do unfold it, I just unlatch the barrel and ease it in to place while holding the trigger guard down and then let it go into place. Usually, I have to push the trigger guard up to get it to snap home, which is good because there’s no doubt the lockup is tight and I have a little extra meat in there before it gets slop. I have the metal MCARBO trigger guard, so I figure the polymer would “lose” over time when rubbing against it, which is why I hold it down/open when unfolding the rifle. Eh, works for me. :wink:


Called Kel-Tec, Shipping to them tomorrow. Their rifle tech guy didn’t seem too excited ??? Maybe he didn’t want to alarm me.


years ago, I used to love the sound of a lockback, when you snapped it open under pressure. that loud “KASNAP” when it seated in the lock. worked the blade till it slid out like runnin on hot butter. one of my favorite lock back, early american made Parabellum made by Gerber Knives when they were made in Portland . 1987 .snapped at the pin end of the grind, and buried in the wood deck of a MSO, bout 2"in front of of the MC divers foot.

I pulled the nasty dives for the next 6 months. He never uttered a word. didnt need to.
even hardened steel I open to lock, smoothly, but silently.:smiling_imp:

took me till 2 years ago, from that point, to find another USA made Parabellum…

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