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Barking and Biting 22s

K … So … I was watching a video presentation of 22TCM versus 22Magnum. I’ve been on a little 22 trip for some time and I’m a fan of 22TCM, 5.7, .223, 556 …

Figured there might be an interesting discussion or two around pistols that shoot these little napoleons.

To start, @DivaMarie … Which 22 pistol you gonna pack to fish the bear creek? Why?


@Dred First Off,He Should have done the Presentation with a Full Size 22TCM (17) Rounds, (30) Rounds 45 Grain Hornady Critical Defense For the PMR To Start With. If the (47) Rounds of (Halo’s) and (Noise) Don’t Deter the Over Grown Hairy Muskeg Rat’s! Then its time for 375 H&H Ouch!
In the Video he tried 20 rounds in the PMR and had a Failure the reason is a Odd count Of Bullets in Mag,last bullet would be on Right side on feed ramp.
As I’ve said before Hornady Case Lube and I don’t have a problem with the (4) PMR’S or the (2) 22 TCMS.
Burris Fast Fire’s on Both’ and They just work and Perform Great for me, The Results for some of the Hand Loaders for the 22TCM are Amazing, and what they are getting out of it.