Bang A Gong (w/ 15 characters)

A friend/customer of mine whose sprint car I letter asked if I wanted a gong - my first though was “is it a Paiste? Never thought to add one to my drumkit, but why the hell not?” No dumbass, a target gong! Been looking at getting some steel targets anyway, so why not?
Took it out to the range this Sunday, set it out at 200 yds as a test/warmup for the new long range Mail in Match divisions. Surprised myself with getting 9/10 22LR on target and 17/20 223’s. Even more surprised when I went to retrieve it - guessing it’s not AR500. 223s cratered it pretty good. Can only imagine what the AK or 308 will do! Ouch!


Thankfully you didn’t use the all powerful 9mm on that gong. Might have blown the lungs clean out the backside!


Still banging the old 100lb. propane tank with 22LR and 9mm. No penetrations.
Love love the gong sound! :+1:

Just repainted some of the AR500 gongs today.:sunglasses: