M*CARBO Brotherhood

Ballistic Plate Carriers

What type and brand of plate carriers are being used by the Brothers in case of SHTF ? Pictures of your rigs would be nice. :thinking:


Ive got a older AR500 setup, but if i was buying now, new, I would go for the new AR500 Veritis or Invictus thats a whole lot of coverage, full loaded package for under 700$ and if you have other plates, they fit the pockets. I just added it up to Level III+ Full lightweight
price as i configured it for my butt, $658 bout the cost of another mid grade AR thats good up to and including .556 X45 M855 Invictus is a tad more. but thats JM2C


Ar500 Invictus… with soft level lll+plates and side plates. Love it… down here in Southwest Florida super hot so we have to go super light.


I run chase tactical ar1000 plates III+ with their concealiable carrier and ar500 trauma pads. No pics sorry. I went with ar1000 due to the issue with the xm193 penetration potential, which is a very common round. But still deciding on a loaded carrier, either jpc 2.0 or the tyr tactical Pico assaulter. Probably leaning towards the jpc as it’s in stock vs 160+ day lead time for the tyr.


Have been perusing body armor and plate carriers [off & on] for some time now.
I would check stats, reviews, brands, pricing, sizing, etc. until my head was about to explode and then hit the “close all” button before I self destructed. After a few of these moments I started realizing how just important the comfort of plate carrier was in this equation. Like a holster, if you don’t like how it feels wearing it you ain’t gonna.
With the brewing state of things, I decided I need to get with the program. So last night I ordered a Velocity Systems Scarab
Kinda pricey but with a govx discount I figured it would be worth it. Most everything I read was positive. Most reviews raved about the comfort.

With the pandemic, they are 4-6 weeks for an order to ship. That should give me enough time to find some decent level III+ armor to go in it.

Post up what you M*CARBO brothers have for PCs and what armor.


AR500 Veritas curved front and flat rear steel plates. One in black and one in green. 2 is 1 and 1 is none!

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Surprised to get tracking the other day…in house 2 weeks from the day the order was placed.
Feels like quality gear.
Building my SHTF load out…


Can’t seem to figure out how to quote myself lol. Still no pics, but it is comfy and loooooooooow profile. I did go a different route and decided to run a battle belt and chest rig instead of a loaded plate carrier. I like the lower profile and less weight then a fully loaded plate carrier. Since the coof happened plate carriers went off the table, and a lower profile was ideal. Ar1000 plates with ar500’s trauma pads.

Hope to god I’ll never ever need to use it doesn’t appear that way, but in case I do it’s ready to go! But I do really like the battle belt.

Also stay away from g-code, poor customer service and reaaaaaaaly long lead times, not much in stock which leads me to believe they are selling stuff they don’t physically have (drives me nuts, intergalactic backorders). But maybe that is what the norm is now?


Hesco 210 single curve plates (at some point I really want to upgrade to a double curve atleast for the front. Carrier is shellback tactical. Not super thrilled with the cummerbund design, theres nothing anchoring it in place in the back so it can shift arround when your putting it on.

Not shown are the 2 rifle mags ill be carrying on the cummerbund, not sure I like the pouches built into it, they put the mags a bit higher than I’d like (read as all the way up in my armpit…).

Planning on trying running 5 mags on the armor, 1 on my belt instead of 3/2 like I was running with my chest rigs. I want to promote a more consistent workflow for reloads:

Empties/Partials from the gun go to the dump pouch, fresh mag comes from the triple shingle on the front of the armor working left to right go in the gun, if time allows top off the shingle with mags from the cummerbund, with the 1 on the belt in reserve.

This work flow is one of the big reasons I went to the esstac kywi mag pouches, their design makes it much easier to put a mag into them under stress due to the kydex insert making topoff/mag consolidation more practical.

May add a med kit left side, primary med kits on my belt so I still have it if I’m just running first like kit or if I have to drop the armor to E&E or something. If I’m not running a pistol I like the ifak right side so I can use it to support my rt elbow when shooting, but with a pistol I want to keep the area above the holster clear to facilitate drawing efficiently.

As much as I hate camelbacks (no matter how you care for them they always get disgusting, and once they do you’re never getting rid of that flavor…) I will be adding a hydration pack to the back of the vest. Running armor down here in the summer I need more water than I can cary in Nalgene bottles on my belt.


@Chris19d nice kit, brah! Which Shellback pc is that…they have so-o many?
Dig those Esstac mag holders too. Thinking about getting a HRT placard and a side by side combo.


Thanks, it’s a rampage 2.0 with their XL Cummerbund (these days I’m a somewhat large mammal…)


Got this well made, nifty, small, expandable zip-on backpack.

Supports hydration, magazines and other requirements.

It’s a Crye knock-off made with US sourced 500D Cordura.


As a military officer or on-duty officer, you always need protection against deadly shots. For that protection, you should opt for the plate carrier as it is not only a carrier; it is also a protector against such deadly rifle fires. But if you are someone who does not face such circumstances and needs something to place your weapons or other objects, then you can also opt for chest rigs.