M*CARBO Brotherhood

August match "Great Green Gobs" The Sharpshooter Series

Welcome back everybody! We had a great turnout and some really tight scores last month. Nice shooting in all Divisions. :clap:

For this month’s match we’ll shoot this Varmint
(Special thanks to @JoeFridaySays for taking the time to make this easy for the brotherhood to find and print. Print on 8.5 X 11 standard letter paper)
Printing in black and white (gray scale) is permissible, however NO enhancement of the target will be allowed. (either b & W or color print)

Scoring will be: Center ring is 10 points. The next ring out (white) is worth 8 points. The outer (red) ring is worth 6 points.

Five rounds shots for score. Same handicap as last month. Iron, peep, buckhorn and red dot (no magnification) will be allowed 2 bonus points for 50yds and 5 bonus points for 100yds.

Handgun Division(s) Rules Clarification

The Handgun Divisions were based on observations of the typical handguns on the forum, being Revolver and CCW type.

A distance of 10yds was chosen as this is the typical distance used in training and is available to the most forum members.

AR Type and/or Braced Pistols will be allowed in either Division B 50yd PCC (9mm. 10mm, 45ACP) Division C .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde) or Division D 50yd Open based on caliber. You may also compete in Divisions B1, C1 and D1 should you wish to do so.

As always, all other rules apply and you can find them here:The Sharpshooter Series

Looking forward to another great match.

Good luck and Good shooting. :metal:


Just a heads up re: printing this target. For some reason the “scale” defaults to “custom.” Custom prints the top left corner of the target on a full page. I changed mine to default and this brought the whole target onto a single page.