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August Division C1 100yd .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)

This is where your targets post.

Here’s mine. The keen-eyed among you will notice there are actually 6 holes in my target, which is rather interesting considering I only load 5 rounds in the mag when shooting. Not sure if it’s a full moon or something but I had 5 targets ruined today at the range, being shot up by other patrons after I finished my five rounds on each. I lost my A1, B, C, HG1 and HG2 targets, all down to people shooting posted targets and assuming they were left by someone and not actively being shot. Of course, no one asked, either. I wasn’t sure who the offenders were in each case and rather than act like an asshole myself, I kept my cool and didn’t say anything. Truth is I was pretty pissed, especially considering it was 5 of them. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the low shot circled on the gophers hind leg was a .22lr, ever so slightly smaller than the .223 Remy holes of mine and just about the right drop for a 10/22 zeroed at 50 but being shot at 100 without a proper hold over.

In this case I am 99.9% sure who it was as the two young guys at the bench to my left walked directly up to my gophers before I got to the berm to pull the targets. Only one reason you’d be checking out someone else’s targets that closely. My A1 target was posted above this one on the same frame, there were at least 20 holes in it and no way to tell which were mine. They were shooting a 10/22, a 300 Savage and an H&R breech loading shotty, and only one of those was shot at the 100 yard berm. I did ask one of them if they were shooting at the gopher targets, which he denied, I suspect because I had a nice casual convo with him earlier in the day and I think he felt a bit of a dick when he realized what his buddy had done. It was too late in the day to re-shoot everything and I wasn’t in the best frame of mind for doing so anyway. No worries if you guys want to disqualify the target for rule violations, but I’m posting it and the story anyway.



That sucks a$$ - I say that 'cause ammo and time are both precious. I’m a dick and have had folks removed for shooting across lanes a few times. I also once did my best houling banshee impression when I saw an adjacent shooter miss my target cam by inches; thankfully he accepted that it was not a target of opportunity before he connected.

I’m good with your 5. And any RSO worth a crap will not let folks shoot across lanes.


Indeed. And it wasn’t just .22lr, I lost one in 9mm, one in .45 auto (I was feeling a bit froggy for HG2 :grinning:) and one in .223 Remy. I didn’t even realize this one was hit until I pulled it and saw the extra hole walking back to the firing line. The A1 target looked like Swiss cheese…

Appreciate that. :+1:

This range is a little different, a bit old school, if you will…see post at link below…


That’s not assuming, that’s intentional assholery. No one should ever need to be told ONLY to shoot in their own lane. If they do, they need training before they’re allowed to use the big boy range.


Here’s an older photo of my “home” range from the firing line.

This is taken from one of the middle benches, as you can clearly see one could easily shoot the 50, 100, 200 and 300 berms all from this location…which can and does come in handy. There are no baffles or defined lanes. Regardless, this format still does not excuse the shooting up of other people’s targets, that’s just someone being a lazy, cheap and inconsiderate prick. I always ask folks when posting targets so I don’t post over someones active target or take someone’s frame…but then again I was raised by parents who instilled values like manners, courtesy and consideration for others…funny, that… :thinking:


Division C1 100yd
Mil Spec Trigger
Vortex Diamondback Scope
Handloads, info on target
46 points


Thats really bad form, sorry to hear. I have yet to submit a clean target myself if its any consolation.
If we move into a strict rules setup, ive got separation work to do, to spare the extra holes from my boys.:roll_eyes: