M*CARBO Brotherhood

August Division B 50yd PCC

Post those targets here.


I am shooting Handloads from Precision Bullets.
Still working up loads… sooooo anyway I had 20 I made up and I was pulling Right, so I was adjusting the Aimpoint… Then I realized I was “Dragging Wood”
with my trigger finger… explains the .22 target too now… anyway I used up all my loads getting sighted in and adjustments and then when I shot for score I stopped the drag and was now to the left… I also am out for the 100yard target as I shot it all up working the 50. And it’s date night so enough messing around on the range. I might get more loaded up and do the 100 this weekend or NOT
Prone, Hasty sling, Dirt.

This is what I wasted my loads on dicking with the sight adj. and I think it was me dragging…


Great shootin @Wyo !
Heres my entry, nothing to write home about, but im happy to play with my M series !
Scored as 24. If we go official, im gonna have to start getting the kids another lane so i dont have to stack targets. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Note the couple intruders on the left side.


I’d say 26…don’t forget to add your 2 bonus points for using irons/no magnification at 50 yards.


Thx Dave, I need all the help i can get.:laughing:

I lost the post with the rules/Division, thought it was in the header post for Mail-in-Match, but i gave up trying to find it.


Here Josh,

I think time stamp is dropped and shooting five shots now.

Some times it’s hard to go back and fine old posts

I’m looking for that camel toe shot :crazy_face: