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August Division A 50yd Rimfire

Close pic of previous Target 'cause I know I’ll be asked for it. Definitely 5 shots! My fault 'cause I didn’t have enough charge on the tablet to run the target cam.

So I shot it again - same score. Target is posted below but best of luck counting five holes.

I truly faced a moral dilemna here. Yes, I could fire again at the first target but that would be 6 shots in a 5 shot contest. I could fire two more times at the second target but that’d be 7 shots to make it look like 5.

The 880sq is my most accurate rifle. If I locked it down, I’d wager my motorcycle that it’d shoot one ragged hole.


I’d say you shot what you say you shot, that’s the honor system. No need to try to make it look like something it already is. Nice work!


Looks legit to me. Nice shooting.


Here’s mine. The CZ did well, truth is I probably let the gun down. Very happy with both gun and glass. Might still be some dialing in and ammo experimentation to do but for now I have to work with what’s in my stash.


Good shooting.

Been awhile since I’ve chrono’d minimags. So, this is a suspicion rather than a plain fact. Minimags are supersonic at the muzzle and the only slow down from there. The question is how far they stay supersonic.

At 50 yards I select hyper velocity or subsonics. Subs never hit a transonic POI randomizer. And I expect hypers to carry supersonic velocities well beyond 50 yards.

I also notice 4 bulls and a flyer is a thing for this target. I shot 4 targets just like that before I slowed myself enough to shoot between wind gusts. I actually hung a target topside only next to my target to help judge downrange wind conditions.


Thanks, though I feel it could have been a little better, like I kind of let the gun down. That said, it is my first time out with the thing and my dialing in was hastier than I would have liked, I had a lot of shooting to do today.

The gun runs very smoothly and, while we are talking about a .22lr here, you barely know the shot is off. Fortunately she’s not “a pig in lipstick”, she shoots as well as she looks. This was a good investment. Only wish I knew how it shot at 100… :frowning_face:

You may well be correct in this. These were the best rounds I had, didn’t trust the Armscor. I do want to find out what she likes best at some point in the future.


Modesty. That is the true hero, here.

Shooting the only .22 rifle I have.
Winchester 67a this is the best I could do with this short little gun.


Division A 50yd Rimfire
Remington 597
“Hubbell Space Telescope”
“flyer” is all me.


This is way way way better than I ever expected, I always loved this rifle and I bought it new in 1980, It’s been everywhere with me, I was thinking of upgrading to a scope … Hell no
Still using the Tech Sights Clone of the m-16 A1 Sight picture.

I did get new eye glasses though and that really helped.
I cant get the Cam to do a date stamp Please use the watch./

Think that old ammo is better than the new stuff…

Oh Yeah I forgot, Prone, Dirt, SOP no sling.


That’s a nice grouping there, hoss, especially considering you’re shooting irons. An inch left and you’d have shot a solid 50. Good looking rifle, too. :+1:t2:


heres my modest non competitive entry. Im no sharpshooter, but these monthly shoots definately motivate me to get out to the range. Thanks everyone who helps organizing ! I scored this as a 28.
2 flyers on the left, and 2 intruders on the right from the big target this one was pinned to.