M*CARBO Brotherhood

August '21 Rules, Announcements and Targets

Greetings and welcome to another monthly MCarbo Sharpshooter Series Match.

Some items of business to address this month and important Match information, so let’s get started.

With all of the close competition a new target has been added to the Series. The following shooters are required to use this new target in any Division they participate in., and anyone I may have missed that has shot a perfect score twice in any division. This list will be referred to as the “A” list and will shoot this target: The “X” ring will be scored as 11 points in all Divisions. Anyone else the wishes to may also shoot this new target.

X - Target.pdf - Google Drive








All others will still be shooting this target:

June_2021_Target.pdf - Google Drive

A copy of the current rules are here:

Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Also new this month and moving forward, the bonus points for all rifle Divisions have changed. Make note.

The 25yd Divisions will receive a 2 point bonus for iron sights.

50yd Divisions will receive a 4 point bonus.

100yd Divisions will receive an 8 point bonus.

Iron sights are: buckhorn, peep, V notch mechanical/adjustable non-magnified two piece sighting systems and shall include a red dot holographic sight. A LPVO, or low power variable optic does not qualify.

Digital Handgun Division will be shot weak hand unsupported this month. If you’re an “A” lister, be sure to use the correct target.


Anyone posting scores outside the “Mail In Match” category will not be scored. If you’re unsure or need help, ask.

No more than five rounds in a target for score. No recycled or previously used targets will be scored.

Tomorrow is the first day of competition, good luck and good shooting.


Looking forward to it. A new challenge. Gotta up my game


Just reminded me of the carnival BB gun game where you only win if the whole star is gone.
Id say for A-List, add a bonus +2 if theres no X left after 5 shots !!


Digital Division clarification.

Weak hand = if you’re right handed, you will shoot left handed.

Unsupported = only your shooting hand on your firearm.



Why penalize our brothers for being really good at what they do?

You could add a sharp shooter division, but this is a PITA for the administrator. I get it.

The really good shooters have to be very disciplined month after month and target after target to deliver a 50. If they miss one month or have an off day it gives us not so good shooters a way to catch up.

I like to compete with the best because it makes me better.

Not everyone gets a trophy in life!


I think it’s mostly due to to many people shooting 50’s in each division. I agree about the X ring. They use it in long range competetions too, so I don’t see a problem.

I know I’m going to struggle in the HGD round this month, but it just means I need to practice more (doing it with my edc shield). Thankfully its the non dominate hand, my dominant hand hasn’t been the same since I was crushed (fixing it with strength training) lol. Challenges are there to show us our weak points so we can improve upon them, even if that means my scores suffer because of it.


Doesn’t look like a penalty to me. Looks like an extra shiny object to target; it will absolutely make it more fun for me as a shooter.


Nobody is being penalized, just the opposite in fact. As in any competition, one moves up the ranks, the “A” listers have been promoted and earned the privilege of a greater challenge. Also, all shooters may use the “X” target should they so desire. Mz Festus is planning on doing so.

Thanks @Dred, that was the goal.

It should be all competitors goal to move up, to sharpen their skills by mastering the basics.

Good luck and good shooting.


I like it, Ups the challenge some.