August 2022 Match Announcement

August 2022 Match Announcement

August. Already, wow. Hot summer nights.

“A” Divisions remain popular, nice to see old iron and walnut. Also, nice to give out iron sight bonus’.

We’re allowing a couple more targets to spice things up, both allowed in all divisions.

First up is the Progressive target. Shooters, fire one (1) round per target.

Next, we have the Hoggin or as I prefer to call it, the piggies. Only five (5) rounds for score, so one round per hog. (yeah, I know, there’s six) You must break the scoring dots, any miss (of the dot) is a miss.

Thanks to @DrumsGunsBMX for submitting these.

Our series Rules can be found here.

And as always, our standard targets: Standard Target and X Ring Target

And lastly, PRS positions are allowed. Our series is to promote marksmanship and help develop skills. As long as there’s no sleds or support of the rifle (other than your own body) from the mag well and aft, you’re good to go.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Todd Vanlangen: “There’s no such thing as advanced shooting, only the basics mastered.”

Good luck, and good shooting