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ATF New SBR ruling

Anyone who can understand technical jargon better than me…

Will the redefined definition on stabilizing braces and gun lengths for SBRs affect the Sub 2000? With the gun foldable I’m not sure how ATF will deal with that. I THINK it’s OK.


It’s still classified as a rifle and has a 16 inch barrel so it’s not an SBR. The new ruling shouldn’t effect it.


@jperr the ruling deals specifically with braces and the capability to fold. A brace is considered an accessory (not intended to be shouldered) and not part of the overall length. This has nothing to do with rifles that have an actual stock (stocks are considered part of the firearm and intended to be shouldered). Stocks are considered part of the overall length and should be measured in their extended capacity. I’m no lawyer and this isn’t legal advice. :+1:t2:


Really for those who put vertical foregrips on ar pistols… For example after you add a folding adapter and stabilizing brace to a Ar pistol w/ a 10.5" barrel the overall length measured from thread to end of brace usually measures right at 26" or a little over. Well the ATF is now saying that way of measurement is no longer correct. Its now going to be measured from barrel threads to end of the buffer tube… Acting as if the folding adapter and brace werent there. Therefore the overall link is shorter than 26" classifying it as an aow once a vertical foregrip is added because it is no longer intended to be fired one-handed.